The Prisoner: The Complete Series (1967) – Imprint Television #6

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19 June 2024


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ALL 17 digitally restored episodes, packed with brand new special features including in-depth documentaries



He is a man without a name and whose background is wreathed in mystery… Now a captive in the most intriguing, menacing, yet beautiful prison in the world – a very lovely village… but how to escape?

THE PRISONER is one of the most challenging and unusual series ever filmed for television, devised by series star Patrick McGoohan. The Prisoner resists every physical and mental effort to break him… stories of one man’s tremendous, unflinching battle for survival as an individual in a macabre world in which every move is watched by electronic eyes and in which all of his ‘neighbours’ are suspect. The series’ themes are incredibly as relevant today as they were in 1967.

This 7-disc set brings together all 17 digitally restored episodes, special features including the in-depth documentaries Don’t Knock Yourself Out, and In My Mind which examines the story of Patrick McGoohan’s reluctance to speak about the series, plus a bonus disc with five episodes of Patrick McGoohan’s previous series DANGER MAN – two of them new to Blu-ray. 

7-DISC BLU-RAY SET + 120 page Collectable Booklet in Limited Edition Hardbox packaging.

THE PRISONER – all 17 episodes on 5 discs

Special Features and Technical Specs: 

  • 1080p High-definition presentation, restored in 2K from the original 35mm elements 
  • Collectable Hardbox packaging strictly limited to 1500 copies
  • NEW! 120-page booklet featuring an essay by television writer / historian Andrew Pixley, and Press/Story Information from the original studio files
  • Original ‘as broadcast’ Mono (LPCM), DTS-HD 5.1 Surround, Music & Effects audio tracks
  • “Don’t Knock Yourself Out” – feature-length documentary on the making of the series including archival and newly recorded interviews with key cast and production personnel (2007)
  • “In My Mind”  – feature-length documentary about director Chris Rodley’s experiences attempting to interview Patrick McGoohan about the series (2017)
  • “Patrick McGoohan 1983” – a 30 minute outtake from one of Chris Rodley’s full interview sessions with Patrick McGoohan 
  • “Catherine McGoohan 2017” – Patrick McGoohan’s daughter, Catherine, speaks candidly about her father’s work and legacy
  • Audio Commentary on “Arrival” by production manager Bernie Williams and film librarian Tony Sloman
  • Audio Commentary on “The Chimes of Big Benby writer Vincent Tilsley
  • Audio Commentary on “The Schizoid Manby director Pat Jackson 
  • Audio Commentary on “The Generalby director Peter Graham Scott
  • Audio Commentary on “Dance of the Deadby production manager Bernie Williams, film librarian Tony Sloman and editor John S. Smith 
  • Audio Commentary on “A Change of Mindby writer Roger Parkes
  • Audio Commentary on “Fall Outby music editor Eric Mival and editor Noreen Ackland
  • Text Commentaries on all 17 episodes
  • Early edit versions of “Arrival” (restored in High Definition) and “The Chimes of Big Ben” (best surviving material) 
  • Arrival” early edit Restoration Comparison 
  • Filming “Arrival” – Keith Rogerson captures the filming of this story on his standard 8mm camera during a visit to Portmeirion on 9th September, 1966
  • “The Prisoner Puzzle” – Patrick McGoohan interview for TV-Ontario (1977) 
  • You Make Sure It Fits” – interview with editor Eric Mival
  • NEW! Interview with “The Schizoid Man” guest star Jane Merrow
  • NEW! Interview with “Checkmate” guest star Annette Andre 
  • NEW! Interview with “Checkmate” guest star Derren Nesbitt
  • Peter Wyngarde in “The Pink Prisoner” – interview featurette
  • The Prisoner – Behind-the-scenes” – interview with production manager Bernard Williams
  • Many Happy Returns: 50 Years On” – locations featurette
  • Leslie Gilliat Reece 35mm Transparencies – a series of photographs of Portmeirion in 1966 by producer Leslie Gilliat
  • Portmeirion 1939” – 16mm kodachrome amateur footage
  • The Prisoner Video Companion” – home video featurette (1990)
  • For The Love Of” – archival memorabilia featurette 
  • ITC Promotional Trailer – vintage film reel promoting ITC series for distribution, including The Prisoner

Series Archival Vault Material:

  • Original Series and Episode trailers 
  • Original Ad-Break Bumpers
  • Photograph Montage Footage used in “Arrival
  • Textless Titles featuring 3 variations of theme music
  • Textless Material
  • Film Trims from select episodes
  • Filing Cabinet multi-language footage used for international markets 
  • Raw production footage filming “Rover” 
  • Nummer 6 – German title sequence
  • Village Snaps – episodic, promotional and behind-the-scenes photo galleries
  • 1967 Press Conference Photo Gallery
  • Production Designs Photo Gallery
  • Exposure Strip Gallery

Bonus Disc: DANGER MAN

Select episodes from Patrick McGoohan’s genre-defining espionage series filmed between 1959-1966

  • IN HD “View From The Villa” – an episode from the 25-minute series with scenes shot in Portmeirion (1959)
  • NEW! IN HDThe Nurse” – an episode from the 25-minute series
  • NEW! IN HDFair Exchange” – an episode from the 50-minute series
  • IN HD “Colony Three” – an episode from the 50-minute series with a narrative that closely aligns with themes in “The Prisoner” 
  • IN HD “No Marks For Servility” – an episode from the 50-minute series
  • Audio Commentaries by writer Brian Clemens and director Peter Graham Scott on “View From The Villa” and “The Nurse” 
  • NEW! The Danger Men” – expanded interview documentary featuring producer Peter Price, writer Philip Broadley and stuntman Frank Maher
  • Production Rushes from the opening titles filming 
  • UK Ad Break bumpers 
  • US Secret Agent title sequences, Ad Break bumpers and sponsorship tags
  • Photo Gallery