Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) – The Complete Series (1969) – Imprint Television #8

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28 August 2024

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Jeff Randall (Mike Pratt) is a hard-bitten private eye with a problem: his partner, Marty Hopkirk (Kenneth Cope) – who was murdered investigating a case – still turns up to work! Only Jeff can see the earth-bound ghost, and while having a partner who can watch without being seen, transplant himself from one place to another, or summon help, is an unfair advantage, Marty can be a somewhat cowardly spectre, often landing Jeff in trouble with the law. Marty’s winsome widow, Jean (Annette Andre), now assists Jeff at the office, and although she cannot see him, Marty keeps a watchful eye over her… and Jeff! 

One of ITC’s most-loved and unusual series, all 26 episodes of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) – aka My Partner The Ghost in the US – have been lovingly restored in high-definition in this 7-disc collection. Not only that – for the first time it can be viewed in three unique ways; with the originally produced opening titles; the original UK broadcast titles; or the US My Partner The Ghost titles. Filled with new and vintage special features, it’s an out-of-this-world combination!  

7-DISC BLU-RAY SET + 120-page Collectable Booklet in Limited Edition Hardbox reversible packaging featuring UK and US series titles.

Special Features and Technical Specs: 

  • 1080p high-definition presentation of all 26 episodes, restored from the original 35mm elements with LPCM 2.0 Mono audio in original aspect ratio 
  • 3 ways to watch! The originally produced titles (newly restored for this release); the UK broadcast titles; or the US My Partner The Ghost titles (also newly restored for this release) 
  • Collectable Hardbox packaging LIMITED to 1500 copies
  • NEW! 120-page booklet featuring an essay by television writer / historian Andrew Pixley, and Press / Story Information from the original studio files
  • Randall and Hopkirk (Revisited) – documentary on the making of the series including interviews with cast and production personnel (2007) 
  • Mike Pratt Remembered – interview featurette with Mike Pratt’s son, Guy Pratt (2007)
  • The Ghost Talks – interview with Kenneth Cope (2005)
  • A Sentimental Journey – interview with Annette Andre (2005)
  • NEW! Jeannie’s Fashions – Annette Andre looks back at Jean Hopkirk’s wardrobe – featurette (2024)
  • NEW! Whoever Heard of a Definitive Episode Order? – a look at the broadcast anomalies of the series, with restorer Jonathan Wood (2024)
  • NEW! High-Definition Apparitions – restoration featurette (2024)
  • NEW! Titles by… the Story of Chambers + Partners – video essay by Jaz Wiseman on the company who designed title graphics for numerous ITC productions (2024)
  • Filmed introduction to The Ghost Talks by Kenneth Cope (2005)
  • Filmed introduction to Who Killed Cock Robin? by guest actress Jane Merrow (2024)
  • Audio Commentary on My Late Lamented Friend and Partner by Kenneth Cope, Annette Andre and director Cyril Frankel (2007)
  • Audio Commentary on For The Girl Who Has Everything by director Cyril Frankel, assistant director Ken Baker and production supervisor Malcolm Christopher (2007)
  • Audio Commentary on Who Killed Cock Robin? by director Roy Ward Baker (2005)
  • Audio Commentary on That’s How Murder Snowballs by writer Raymond Austin and Brian Clemens (2007)
  • NEW! Audio Commentary on When The Spirit Moves You by creator Dennis Spooner’s daughter, Elaine Spooner, and television historian Henry Holland (2024) 
  • Audio Commentary on Could You Recognise The Man Again? by assistant director Ken Baker and production supervisor Malcolm Christopher (2005)
  • Audio Commentary on A Disturbing Case by Annette Andre (2005)
  • 2nd Audio Commentary on A Disturbing Case by Kenneth Cope, Annette Andre, Guy Pratt (2007)
  • 3rd Audio Commentary on A Disturbing Case by director Raymond Austin and Brian Clemens (2007)
  • Audio Commentary on The Ghost Talks by director Cyril Frankel, assistant director Ken Baker and production supervisor Malcolm Christopher (2007)
  • The Man in Room 17: How to Rob a Bank and Get Away with It– an episode of the Granada series guest starring Mike Pratt (1967) (Standard-definition)
  • The Edgar Wallace Mysteries: Change Partners – complete Merton Park film starring Kenneth Cope (1965) (Standard-definition)
  • Gideon’s Way: The Nightlifers – an episode of the ITC police series guest starring Annette Andre (1965) (High-definition) 

Series Archival Material 

  • Production Footage – raw behind-the-scenes film for select episodes 
  • UK ad-break bumpers
  • Textless titles and closing credits 
  • Extensive Photo Galleries
  • Memorabilia Gallery
  • ITC Home Video Trailer