The Persuaders – The Complete Series (1971) – Imprint Television #7

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17 July 2024

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Danny Wilde and Lord Brett Sinclair provide a striking contrast. Danny is American. A rough diamond, self-polished. He has dragged himself up from the New York slums. Making money is second nature to him. He has made fortunes and lost them. And he can always make another one. Brett is English, of course. His title is hereditary, and he has the polished perfection of his class. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he has spent his life licking the caviar off it. Tricked into a new life of danger and intrigue, Brett and Danny are friendly antagonists, reluctant heroes and far from infallible. But beneath their banter they have courage, determination and integrity. They are The Persuaders! 

The ultimate pairing of Hollywood’s Tony Curtis and Britain’s Roger Moore made The Persuaders! appointment-making television in the 1970s. With international guest stars, glittering settings on the Cote d’Azur and in other famous pleasure spots, glamorous girls by the hundred, and tingling adventure combined with exhilarating comedy, it’s no wonder the series still has all the sparkle of vintage champagne.

This 12-disc set brings together all 24 digitally restored episodes, all 8 feature-film versions and a gold class lineup of special features including the in-depth documentary The Morning After plus previously released and all-new additional content, making this the ultimate celebration of the ITC classic action series. 

12-DISC BLU-RAY SET + 120-page Collectable Booklet in Limited Edition Hardbox packaging.

Special Features and Technical Specs: 

  • 1080p high-definition presentation of all 24 episodes, restored from the original 35mm elements
  • 1080p high-definition presentation of all 8 film versions: The Persuaders!, Mission: Monte Carlo, London Conspiracy, Sporting Chance, The Switch, The Last Appointment, Death Becomes Me and The Masqueraders, plus newly presented high-definition trailers for each film
  • Collectable Hardbox packaging strictly limited to 1500 copies
  • NEW! 120-page booklet featuring an essay by television writer / historian Andrew Pixley, and Press / Story Information from the original studio files
  • Original ‘as broadcast’ Mono (LPCM), Music & Effects audio tracks (series only)
  • “The Morning After: Remembering The Persuaders!” – documentary on the making of the series including interviews with key cast and production personnel (2006)
  • Audio Commentary on Overture by Roger Moore, Tony Curtis (2006)
  • 2nd Audio Commentary on Overture by Roger Moore, producer Robert S. Baker, production executive Johnny Goodman (2003)
  • 3rd Audio Commentary on Overture by Robert S. Baker, Johnny Goodman (2006)
  • Audio Commentary on A Death In The Family by Roger Moore, producer Robert S. Baker, production executive Johnny Goodman, production assistant Malcolm Christopher, first assistant director Ken Baker (2006)
  • NEW! Audio Commentary on The Time And The Place by Roger Moore, producer Robert S. Baker and production executive Johnny Goodman (2003) – previously unreleased
  • NEW! Audio Commentary on Powerswitch by guest actress Annette Andre and series restorer Jonathan Wood (2024)
  • NEW! Audio Commentaries on The Gold Napoleon, Greensleeves and The Long Goodbye by ITC historian Jaz Wiseman (2024) 
  • NEW! Audio Commentary on Five Miles To Midnight by Roger Moore’s biographer / talent agent Gareth Owen and television historian Henry Holland (2024)
  • NEW! Audio Commentary on The Old, The New And The Deadly by filmmakers Samuel Clemens and George Clemens, sons of episode writer Brian Clemens (2024)
  • NEW!Cinematic Persuasion: Remaking the Feature Films” – 30-minute featurette with restorer Jonathan Wood, looking at how the feature-film versions were reborn in high-definition
  • NEW! Interview with The Old, The New And The Deadly guest star Derren Nesbitt
  • NEW! Roger Moore reunited with BS 1, the Aston Martin he drove in the series
  • “The Saint: The Ex-King of Diamonds” – full episode in high definition, produced as a try out story for The Persuaders! series concept
  • Two Audio Commentaries on The Saint: The Ex-King of Diamonds featuring Roger Moore, Robert S. Baker, Johnny Goodman and director Alvin Rakoff
  • “The Persuaders! 40th Anniversary Event” – on stage interview with Roger Moore (2011)
  • “Tony Curtis: The Persuader!” – interview with Tony Curtis (2006)
  • “Avroskoop” – Dutch television program showing behind-the-scenes production on the episode The Man In The Middle
  • Roger Moore French Television archival interview recorded on location
  • Roger Moore: Design Consultant – archival interview
  • Roger Moore: His Brief Music Career 
  • Tony Curtis Meets His French Voice Artist – archival footage
  • Tony Curtis Ordering a Lagonda – archival footage
  • “Russell Harty Plus!” – interview with Tony Curtis (1974)

Series Archival Vault Material 

  • NEW! “The Friendly Persuaders!” – never-before-seen early test footage for the series titles
  • ABC U.S. Television Trailer
  • Overture episode Trailer
  • Italian Trailers for the films London Conspiracy and Sporting Chance
  • Commercial Break Bumpers and U.S. Station Ident / Sponsorship tags
  • European and UK promotional spots with Roger Moore and Tony Curtis (some mute)
  • Raw Production Footage: Texted, Textless, Process and Post (including some newly found segments previously unreleased) (mute)
  • French end credits sequences for select episodes (mute)
  • Extensive Photo Galleries
  • Memorabilia and Film Poster Galleries
  • BONUS DISC featuring the original cuts of the four feature-films: Mission: Monte Carlo, London Conspiracy, Sporting Chance and The Switch (in Standard Definition)