The Films of Rita Hayworth: Platinum Collection


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May 6th, 2020

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Celebrate the career of the golden lady of Columbia Pictures, the one and only Rita Hayworth!

This special collector’s edition featuring 12 of her most famous films from the 40’s and 50’s.

COVER GIRL (1944) WITH GENE KELLY – Rusty Parker is a nightclub dancer who rockets to fame & fortune after being plucked from the chorus line.

GILDA (1946) WITH GLENN FORD – In Buenos Aires, a gambler working in a casino discovers the wife of his employer is his former lover.

DOWN TO EARTH (1947) WITH LARRY PARKS – The goddess Terpsichore, upset at a Broadway musical’s depiction of Greek mythology, comes down to earth and lands a part in the show.

THE LOVES OF CARMEN (1948) WITH GLENN FORD – In 19th century Spain, a beautiful and highly temperamental gypsy lures a naive young soldier into a doomed romance.

THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI (1947) WITH ORSON WELLES – Hired to work on a yacht belonging to a disabled & corrupt tycoon, a romantic drifter becomes caught up between the man and his voluptuous wife.

SALOME (1953) WITH STEWART GRANGER – In this biblical drama, Hayworth portrays Princess Salome, the daughter of King Herod who falls in love with Claudius, the commander of her father’s army.

MUSIC IN MY HEART (1940) WITH TONY MARTIN – Hearts & taxicabs collide for two strangers when missing the midnight boat for Europe just as he was set to be deported and she was to wed a millionaire.

YOU’LL NEVER GET RICH (1941) WITH FRED ASTAIRE – An eccentric New York theatre owner has his eye on a beautiful chorus girl but his wife has her eye on him.

YOU WERE NEVER LOVELIER (1942) WITH FRED ASTAIRE – A down on his luck dancer romances an elegant girl against the wishes of her suspicious father.

TONIGHT AND EVERY NIGHT (1945) WITH LEE BOWMAN – Hayworth stars as an American showgirl in war-time London who is part of a theatre troupe that never misses a performance despite the dangerous backdrop.

AFFAIR IN TRINIDAD (1952) WITH GLENN FORD – When a man discovers his brother has been murdered in Trinidad, he finds himself falling in love with his brother’s wife. But what does she know about his death?

MISS SADIE THOMPSON (1953) WITH JOSE FERRER – Based on W. Sommerset Maugham’s story, the arrival of a free-spirited party-girl to Samoa arouses the interest of the marines based there, and the ire of a religious zealot.

Special Features:
Baz Luhrmann on Cover Girl
Introducing Miss Sadie Thompson with Patricia Clarkson
Patricia Clarkson on Tonight and Every Night
Commentary with Author/Filmmaker Richard Shickel