The Alan Ladd Collection Volume Two


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21st October, 2020

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4 classic Alan Ladd films in one unique collection.

The Red Beret (1953)
In this spectacular World War II action-drama, Ladd portrays a paratrooper in Britain’s new, elite Parachute Regiment.

Desert Legion (1953)
In all the fighting lore of the Legion, this is its most exciting adventure as Ladd leads his reckless men to glory against the savage hordes of Omar Khalif.

Hell Below Zero (1954)
Actually filmed with the whaling fleet in the frozen antarctic, this magnificent Technicolor feast as Ladd uncovers conspracy and murder amongst the ice.

The Black Knight (1954)
Alan Ladd’s biggest adventure! In the court of King Arthur, a humble sword-maker is banished from the community, but returns in the guise of The Black Knight to bring a group of traitors to justice and win Lady Linet’s heart.