Satisfaction – The Complete Series


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2nd June, 2021

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The hit Australian drama starring Madeleine West and Alison Whyte.

Satisfaction follows the lives of a group of high-class escorts working at 232. Behind its discreet doorway exists a glittering, decadent interior where reality and fantasy merge and drama unfolds.

Satisfaction is an exploration of the relationships between the escorts and their clients; the bonds of friendship, the competition, the loyalty, the ruthlessness, the camaraderie. These stories are grounded and real shocking, touching, funny, disturbing, intelligent and sexy.

This collection contains Satisfaction Season 1 – 3, featuring a stellar ensemble cast including multi-award winning Alison Whyte, Madeleine West, Diana Glenn, Kestie Morassi, Bojana Novakovic, Peta Sergeant, Dustin Clare, Renai Caruso and award-winner Camille Keenan.