Chances – Collection 2


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17th November, 2021

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At last, the taboo Australian adult-drama series from 1990s arrives on DVD!

What would you do if you won $3 million?
Chances are … your life would change forever!

The million dollar dream has come true for the Taylor family, whose lives change overnight when they win the 3 million dollar lottery. Suddenly the Taylors find their ordinary lives are catapulted into the fast paced world where money is no object and the desire for beautiful and expensive things can be fulfilled. But in this heady world where passions run high, the double edged sword of money colours attitudes and leads to greed that has the power to destroy those you love. Family ties are stretched to the limit as the Taylor family deal with the dramatic twists and turns in the lottery of life.

From diamonds and fast-cars to blackmail and murder CHANCES is enthralling entertainment.

This 17-disc collection completes the series.