March Of The Dinosaurs

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21st April, 2021

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An incredible feature-length polar odyssey.

The Arctic: 70 million years ago. It is a world of extremes. Tropical summers of 24-hour sunlight are replaced by freezing winters of continuous night. The remarkable dinosaurs that lived under the Northern Lights had to make a choice: brave the winter or head south to find the sun.

Join Scar, a young Edmontosaurus, embarking on his first thousand-mile migration. It is a journey for survival that is fraught with danger; blizzards, volcanic eruptions and deadly predators lie ahead. Meanwhile Patch, a juvenile Troodon, left alone in the North, must learn to survive in one of the harshest environments the Earth has ever known.

This epic feature-length adventure portrays an incredible polar odyssey that actually happened but that has never been witnessed before.


– The Making Of
– Storyboards
– Director’s Commentary
– Facts and Statistics about Dinosaurs