Man In A Suitcase – The Complete Series (1966 – 1967) – Imprint Television #9

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25 September 2024

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McGill doesn’t seek danger… danger seeks McGill.

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McGill, ex-intelligence agent, now modern bounty-hunter, uses his experience gained in the espionage jungle to earn his living. McGill doesn’t seek danger… danger seeks McGill. He is a lonely man in a tough world… vulnerable because of his past, unable to claim protection. He can trust no one, but people have to trust him. His home is where his suitcase goes. It’s his most important possession, because he may find himself anywhere, anytime. Risking his life is part of the business as McGill travels the globe plying the only skill he knows – undercover espionage. 

MAN IN A SUITCASE brought American actor Richard Bradford to England as the cool, tough, no-nonsense McGill, living in a gritty world of back alleys and back stabbers. Since its debut, the series has achieved cult status among television fans around the world as one of the most underrated ITC action classics. This 8-disc collection brings together all 30 episodes, restored in high-definition from the original film elements with a dossier of NEW and archival special features, plus the feature-film version To Chase a Million. Unpack this legendary series on Blu-ray now! 

8-DISC BLU-RAY SET + 120-page Collectable Booklet in Limited Edition Hardbox packaging. 

Special Features and Technical Specs:

  • 1080p high-definition presentation of all 30 episodes, restored from the original film elements with LPCM 2.0 Mono audio in original aspect ratio
  • To Chase a Million – the feature-film version restored in high-definition from the original film elements, presented in both 1.33:1 and 1.66:1 widescreen aspect ratios
  • NEW! 120-page booklet featuring an essay by television writer / historian Andrew Pixley, and Press / Story Information from the original studio files
  • Richard Bradford: In Conversation – 2004 interview with the actor on making the series
  • Richard Bradford: Making it Real – 2005 interview with the actor on making the series
  • Richard Bradford: In Character – 70-minute extended interview in which the actor discusses the series and his early career (2005)
  • Audio Commentary on Man From The Dead by actor Richard Bradford (2004)
  • Audio Commentary on Brainwash by actor Richard Bradford (2004)
  • Audio Commentary on Day of Execution by writer Philip Broadley (2004)
  • Audio Commentary on The Revolutionaries by director Peter Duffell (2004)
  • NEW! Audio Commentary on Which Way Did He Go, McGill? by series restorer Jonathan Wood and ITC historian Rick Davy (2024)
  • NEW! Audio Commentary on Burden of Proof by writer / BFI TV consultant Dick Fiddy and television historian Henry Holland (2024)
  • Who Supplies the Whiskey? – audio recollection by director John Glen on his directorial debut (2008)
  • ITC Entertained the World: Man in a Suitcase  – Podcast discussing the series with Jaz Wiseman, Rodney Marshall and Al Samujh (2020)
  • Richard Bradford and ‘The Bridge’ – the actor recalls behind-the-scenes filming (2004)
  • Filmed introduction to The Bridge by guest actress Jane Merrow (2004)
  • Filmed introduction to The Sitting Pigeon by guest actor George Sewell (2004)
  • Isolated music score tracks on Man From The Dead and The Sitting Pigeon
  • Isolated music & effects audio tracks on Somebody Loses, Somebody…Wins? and Who’s Mad Now?

Series Archival Material

  • Commercial Break Bumpers suite – in high-definition
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  • Foreign Titles
  • Textless Material
  • Extensive Photo Galleries
  • Memorabilia Gallery
  • ITC Home Video Trailer
  • Carlton Video ITC Trailer