Kojak: The Complete Collection

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26 October 2022

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This 35-disc complete series set includes every episode across 5 seasons of the classic 70s action crime series

He’s got style, street smarts and a penchant for lollipops. Lt. Theo Kojak is an outspoken cop with good humour. But behind the wisecracks is a man intent on justice – and in the 13th precinct of Manhattan he is not above stretching the literal interpretation of the law if it will help him crack a case and put a criminal behind bars. Working closely with him are plain clothes detectives Bobby Crocker (Kevin Dobson) – the closest to a regular partner as Kojak will ever get – and Demosthenes “Curly” Stavros (George Savalas), all under the eye of the division’s Captain, Frank McNeil (Dan Frazer).

Typified by a fondness of sharp coats, open-necked shirts and snazzy hat, Telly Savalas’ interpretation of Kojak became a worldwide phenomenon spanning five original seasons and ranked as number 18 in TV Guide’s 50 Greatest TV Characters of All Time list.

This 35-disc set collects every Kojak episode from the original 5 seasons, including the feature-length pilot, plus the 7 reunion Television movies from the 80s/90s, starring Andre Braugher (Brooklyn Nine-Nine).