Imprint Bundle Pack – February 2024

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Face to Face (1976) - Imprint Collection #289

A woman's most intimate encounter with the one person she didn't know. Herself.

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The Dresser (1983) - Imprint Collection #290

What happens backstage is always true drama. And often pure comedy.

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Mountains Of The Moon (1990) - Imprint Collection #291

Two strangers made friends by a savage land. Two friends made enemies by the civilized world.

A Man In Love (1987) - Imprint Collection #292

Love devours only the hungry.

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I’m Not Scared (2003) - Imprint Collection #293

Secrets. Betrayal. Murder.

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Children Of Heaven (1997) - Imprint Collection #294

A Little Secret...Their Biggest Adventure!

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28 February 2024


A remarkable Bergman finally on Blu-ray, theatrical intrigue, harrowing adventure, scandalous romance, shocking thriller, and an acclaimed Iranian drama. 


Face To Face Tt


Face To Face (1976)- Imprint Collection #289

Ingmar Bergman’s Oscar-nominated psychological drama is coming to Blu-ray for the first time worldwide!

Starring Liv Ullmann (Persona) in her Academy Award-nominated, gripping performance, alongside the screen debut of Lena Olin (Chocolat).

A successful psychiatrist (Ullmann) who suffers from profound depression and mental illness finds herself teetering on the brink of a nervous breakdown, haunted by disturbing images and emotions from her past.

“Mr. Bergman is more mysterious, more haunting, more contradictory than ever, though the style of the film has never been more precise, clear, levelheaded.” – New York Times

1500 copies only.


Imp3620 The Dresser Title Orig

The Dresser (1983) – Imprint Collection #290

Worldwide first on Blu-ray!

The winner of Best Foreign Film at the 1984 Golden Globes, this critically acclaimed drama was nominated for five Academy Awards, seven BAFTA Awards, and four Golden Globes. 

Adapted from the play by Ronald Harwood of the same name, The Dresser was directed by Peter Yates (Summer Holiday), and stars Albert Finney and Tom Courtenay. 

In a touring Shakespearean theatre group, a backstage hand – the dresser, is devoted to the brilliant but tyrannical head of the company. He struggles to support the deteriorating star as the company struggles to carry on during the London blitz.

“A wonderful collection of theatrical lore, detail, and superstition…  the best sort of drama, fascinating us on the surface with color and humor and esoteric detail, and then revealing the truth underneath.” – four out of four stars from Roger Ebert

1500 copies only.


Mountains Of The Moon Tt

Mountains Of The Moon (1990) – Imprint Collection #291

Worldwide first on Blu-ray!

Patrick Bergin, Iain Glen and Richard E. Grant star in this biographical drama, depicting the journey of Richard Francis Burton and John Hanning Speke through the Nile River in the 1850s.

Directed by Bob Rafelson, one of the key figures in the New Hollywood movement of the 1970s, and based on the novel Burton and Speke by William Harrison.

In the 1850’s, two British officers, Capt. Richard Burton and Lt. John Speke, set out on a spectacular adventure to discover the source of the Nile. As the difficult journey takes its toll, Burton and Speke forge a strong bond. A bond that one will eventually betray.

“The exploits of Sir Richard Francis Burton make Lawrence of Arabia look like a tourist.” – Newsweek

1500 copies only.


Imp3866 A Man In Love Title Orig

A Man In Love (1987) – Imprint Collection #292

Nominated for the Palme d’Or at the 1987 Cannes Film Festival, this scandalous drama stars Peter Coyote, Greta Scacchi and Jamie Lee Curtis. Acclaimed French writer/director Diane Kurys made her English language debut with this film.

A temperamental director falls in love with the novice actress in his latest film, which results in turmoil for the families of both parties.

1500 copies only.


Imp3867 I'm Not Scared Title

I’m Not Scared (2003) – Imprint Collection #293

This critically acclaimed, shocking Italian thriller is coming to Blu-ray for the first time worldwide. 

While playing outside one day, nine-year-old Michele discovers Filippo, who is chained to the ground at the bottom of a hole.

Based on the 2001 novel by Niccolò Ammaniti, I’m Not Scared was nominated for the Golden Berlin Bear and the 2003 Berlin International Film Festival.

“In the guise of a nerve-jangling thriller, director Gabriele Salvatores, an Oscar winner for Mediterraneo, delivers a fierce, frightening and deeply moving study of childhood. It’s a keeper.” – Rolling Stone

1500 copies only.


Children Of Heaven

Children Of Heaven (1997) – Imprint Collection #294

This beloved Iranian drama was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 1998 Academy Awards, coming to Blu-ray for the first time in Australia. 

A poor brother and sister dream up a plan to stay out of trouble after one of them loses their pair of school shoes.

Four out of four stars from Roger Ebert: “Children of Heaven is very nearly a perfect movie…”

1500 copies only.