Al Pacino: Triple Film Collection (Sea Of Love / Scent Of A Woman / Manglehorn) – DVD

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3 April 2024

Runtime (in minutes)

113 / 156 / 97

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Three classic performances from one of the greatest actors of all-time, Al Pacino

Three classic performances from one of the greatest actors of all-time, Al Pacino, including his Academy Award winning performance in Scent Of A Woman.

Sea Of Love

Veteran New York City Police detective Frank Keller (Pacino) is a workaholic living on the edge. Joining forces with detective Sherman Touhey (John Goodman) to track down a bizarre serial killer, he encounters a beautiful suspect (Ellen Barkin). Convinced of her innocence, Keller enters into a passionate affair, despite hard evidence linking her to the murders.

Scent of a Woman

Hoping to earn extra money over the Thanksgiving weekend, Charlie Simms (Chris O’Donnell), a scholarship student at an exclusive prep school, agrees to look after blind, retired Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade (Pacino). The innocent and reserved Simms is immediately thrown off guard by Slade’s bullying personality. Charlie is in for even more surprises when Slade takes off for a wild weekend in New York City that will change the lives of both men forever.


Reclusive small town locksmith A.J. Manglehorn (Pacino) has never quite recovered from losing the love of his life, Clara. Fixated on her memory, he feels closer to his beloved cat than the people around him and prefers to find comfort in his work and daily routine. Still, he forges on with his tenuous human connections, maintaining intermittent contact with his son (Chris Messina), taking misplaced pride in a former protégé gone astray, and establishing a cautious friendship with a kindhearted woman from the local bank (Holly Hunter). As this solitary man approaches the possibility of new love, he finds himself at a crossroads between staying mired in the past and embracing the present.