The Benny Hill Annuals: The Ultimate Collection (1970 – 1989)


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3 July 2024

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Join Benny and the gang in this mega box set of 21 discs, covering every Thames programme from 1970 to 1989

Join comedy superstar Benny Hill in his classic shows made throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Known throughout the world for his combination of high-speed farce, risqué jokes and gorgeous ladies, it is these shows – made for Thames Television – that turned him into a global household name.

Who can forget his most memorable character – Fred Scuttle (always on hand to make things take a turn for the worse) – and the slightly demented Mr. Chow Mein, who in this set introduces his new film “Kung Phooie!” You can also see Fanee and Jonee Claddock, who teach you how to prepare some new, exotic meals that include flogs legs, loobarb and kiddlies. There’s the unmissable “Murder On the Oregon Express”, a whodunnit starring McCloud, Ironside, Cannon, Kojak and Hercule Poirot; investigative journalism at its best with ‘The Crook Report’; Benny’s innovative production of Carmen; a very strange version of the Monte Carlo Show, and an entire Dynasty of characters oddly resembling The Lad Himself!

Critically acclaimed and highly popular, it’s no surprise that The Benny Hill Show was one of the most successful programmes on British television. So join Benny, the ladies and his trio of hopeless helpers (Henry McGee, Bob Todd and Jackie Wright) in an entire two decade’s worth of mirth from the 1970s & 1980s. Also included in this set is both of Benny’s shows from 1969 along with a thirty-minute play he did in 1970 called Eddie in August, which he starred in, wrote and co-directed.

Special Features:

  • Benny’s shows from 1969
  • Eddie in August – play (1970)