Wanted Dead or Alive: The Complete Series


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08 June 2022

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All 94 episodes of the TV series that launched the career of Hollywood legend Steve McQueen. Packed with bonus features including featurettes, colourised episodes, and more.

It’s hard to believe it’s been sixty-five years since Steve McQueen, The King of Cool, made his television debut as Josh Randall, the cowboy cavalier and bounty hunter from the American Wild West! A man of few words, Randolph let his mare’s leg, an 1892 Winchester sawed-off shotgun, do most of his talking as he took on criminals, protected people in need, and battled rival bounty hunters in each exciting, pulse-pounding episode.

Star-Studded Guest Stars Include: Michael Landon, Warren Oates, James Coburn, Ralph Meeker, Steve Brodie, DeForest Kelly, Kenneth Tobey, Clu Gulager, Lee Van Cleef, Martin Landau, Lon Channey Jr., Dylan Cannon, Brad Dexter, James Coburn, Mary Tyler Moore, Richard Donner and many more.

This Complete Series set includes all 94 original episodes.

Special Features:
• Five Featurettes – The Art of the Replica, The Mare’s Leg, Reckless, The Women of Wanted: Dead or Alive, Winchester: A Weapon of Legend
• Four Colourised Episodes – The Martin Poster, The Favor, Six-Up to Bannach, Reunion for Revenge
• Photo Gallery of the Original Wanted: Dead or Alive Comic Book
Feature Length Film – The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery starring Steve McQueen, Crahan Denton and David Clarke