The Triangle: Mini Series – Special Edition Blu-ray

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13 December 2023

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Worldwide first on Blu-ray!

Worldwide first on Blu-ray for this hit Emmy Award-winning 2005 miniseries starring Eric Stoltz, Sam Neill, and Catherine Bell.

Created by Dean Devlin (writer of Independence Day) and Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects) and directed by Craig R. Baxley (Stephen King’s Storm of the Century).

Experience the thrills and heart-pounding suspense of the greatest legend of our time as a team of specialists races to solve the mystery of why an alarming number of cargo ships are disappearing into the Bermuda Triangle. But as every clue only deepens the mystery, the truth they uncover is far more bizarre than the myths used to cover it up.

Special Features:

·       Sci-Fi Inside: The Triangle
·       Trailer
·       Cast and Crew interviews