The Tomorrow People – The Complete Series

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7th July, 2021

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Fans of Doctor Who will love this cult sci-fi from 70’s England.

The Tomorrow People enthralled a legion of children in the 1970s and is today remembered as one of the most imaginative and popular children’s programmes of all time. Jaunt back to the time when a group of gifted youngsters were Earth s only protection against a group of evil villains and intergalactic terrors. Nature, fearful that mankind will finally destroy itself, has produced a new species called Homo-Superiors, who have telekinetic abilities, teleportation, a secret base and a futuristic talking computer. This new race, The Tomorrow People are to inherit the Earth and turn it into a planet, where technology will only be used in the cause of peace and where wars and suffering will be unknown.

– Audio Commentaries with cast
– Text-based Episode Synopses, Fact Files, Cast Profiles, Interview with Nicholas Young