The Randolph Scott Collection

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16th December, 2020

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Rustle up some daring action with cowboy legend Randolph Scott in these 8 great films.

The Texans (1938)
After the Civil War, an ex-Confederate soldier faces new battles, including the elements and a carpetbagger intent on destroying him.
With Walter Brennan & Joan Bennett

When the Daltons Rode (1940)
Lawyer Todd Jackson pays a visit to old friends, the Daltons, to discover they have been wronged by a crooked development company.
Directed by George Marshall.

Corvette K-225 (1943)
Produced by Howard Hawks. During World War II, the commander of a Canadian warship heads a convoy on a perilous voyage to Russia.
With James Browb, Ella Raines & Barry Fitzgerald.

Gunfighters (1947)
In Texas, gunfighter Brazos Kane decides to lay down his guns for good and rides out to visit his best friend — only to witness his murder. When Brazos takes the body to the nearby ranch of the powerful Banner, the rancher accuses him of the murder.
With Barbara Britton & Forrest Tucker.

Coroner Creek (1948)
Vowing revenge after his fiancée is abducted from a stagecoach and ends up dead, Chris Danning rides into the town of Coroner Creek seeking the man responsible.
With Marguerite Chapman.

The Doolins of Oklahoma (1949)
Former Dalton gang member Bill Doolin has decided to give up his life of cime but it appears to be too late as he and the outlaws take to their saddles with the U.S. Marshal hot on their trail.
With George MacReady.

The Walking Hills (1949)
During a poker game in a Mexican bar, a group of men discover the location of a lost wagon train — and its cargo of gold. To prevent one man from cheating the rest, it’s decided that they will find it together.
With Ella Raines & John Ireland.

Santa Fe (1951)
Britt Canfield accepts a positon to help build the Yankee-funded Santa Fe railroad – but his three brothers will stop at nothing to prevent its completion – even if it means kiling their own brother.
With Janis Carter, Jerome Courtland & Peter Thompson.