The Prisoner: The Complete Series (Special Edition)

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13 March 2024

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Five decades on from its first UK broadcast, The Prisoner remains as fresh and dynamic as when it was first unleashed upon an unsuspecting world in 1967.

Following his resignation, a high ranking Government Official is abducted from his home and taken to a picturesque seaside location known as “The Village”. However, the idyllic surrounding hide a sinister world where “guests” are simply labelled as numbers and escape is impossible. His captors want secret information and will use any means to obtain it – give in and you’ll be left to live out your days as a brainwashed member of the community – rebel and your stay will be far from pleasant. With escape the objective, The Prisoner must also strive to maintain his identity throughout the clever methods of interrogation employed by his abductors, whist pursing his obsession to discover “who is Number 1?”

Special Features:

  • Text Commentaries on each episode, detailing the production history
  • In My Mind – feature length documentary
  • Many Happy Returns – revisiting the original locations
  • Filming Arrival – home movie footage of the filming of Arrival
  • The Prisoner Puzzle – 1977 interview with Patrick McGoohan for TV-Ontario (TBC)
  • Stills Galleries
  • Catherine McGoohan reflects on her father s work and legacy
    … and much more