The Odd Couple Collection (Imprint Collection #104 & #105)


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Release Date

23rd February, 2022

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Product Code IMP2883

Can two divorced men share an apartment without driving each other crazy?

A 3-disc celebration of Neil Simon’s legendary play ‘ The Odd Couple’.

In the original 1968 film starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Mathau, two divorced men decide to share an apartment. Felix Ungar is fussy and fastidious. Oscar Maddision is slovenly and sloppy. Sure, they can live together… but can they live together without killing each other?

In the 1998 reunion film, its twenty years later, and having gone their separate ways, the two are now together again en route to the wedding of their children. Theyve got the map, the rental car… and a tankful of arguments.

In the 1970s television series, can two divorced men share an apartment without driving each other crazy? Ten episodes covering all five seasons explore this retorical quesiton. Tony Randall and Jack Klugman make the characters their own in the award-winning television version.

Special Features & Technical Specs:
• 1080p high-definition transfers by Paramount Pictures
• Audio commentary by Charlie Matthau and Chris Lemmon on ‘The Odd Couple’
• Audio commentary by __________ on ‘The Odd Couple II”
• Ten episodes from the 1970-75 Television Series released for the first time in high-definition: ‘The Breakup’, ‘They Use Horseradish, Don’t They?’, ‘Sleepwalker’, ‘The Fat Farm’, ‘Security Arms’, ‘Password’, ‘I Gotta Be Me’, ‘Take My Furniture, Please!’, ‘The Odd Decathlon’ and ‘The Bigger They Are’
• Audio commentary by ‘The Odd Couple Television Series’ executive producer Garry Marshall on ‘They Use Horseradish, Don’t They?”
• Audio introductions by Garry Marshall on ‘The Odd Couple Television Series’ episodes ‘The Breakup’ and ‘They Use Horseradish, Don’t They?”
• ‘The Odd Couple’: In the Beginning – featurette
• ‘The Odd Couple’: Matthau & Lemmon / Lemmon & Matthau – featurette
• Memories from the Set of ‘The Odd Couple’ – featurette
• Inside ‘The Odd Couple’ – featurette
• ‘The Odd Couple’: A Classic – featurette
• Promotional interviews with actors Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Jean Smart, writer Neil Simon and director Howard Deutch for ‘The Odd Couple II’
• Jack Lemmon, America’s Everyman – 1996 documentary
• Walter Matthau, Diamond in the Rough – 1997 documentary
• ‘The Odd Couple Television Series’ Gag Reel with audio introduction by producer Garry Marshall
• Isolated score track for ‘The Odd Couple’ film
• Isolated music and effects audio tracks on ‘The Odd Couple II’ and ‘The Odd Couple Television Series’ episodes
• Theatrical Trailers for ‘The Odd Couple’ and ‘The Odd Couple II’
• Series Promos for ‘The Odd Couple Television Series’
• Photo Galleries for the films and Television Series


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