The Dead Zone – Seasons 1- 6


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6th January, 2021

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The hit sci-fi series based on the Stephen King novel.

Following a car crash that leaves him in a coma for six years, Johnny Smith awakens to find that he has the gift/curse of second sight. With the assistance of friend Bruce Lewis, average citizen Johnny usually gets pulled into mysteries he’s only able to help authorities solve because of his newfound ability – which, by the way, Bruce remained skeptical about for years.

Johnny’s former wife, Sarah, married the town sheriff after being told her husband would never wake up; having been pregnant with their child when the car accident happened, Sarah is now raising her and Johnny’s son with husband Walt.

Thankfully, Walt and Johnny have formed an unlikely alliance – and Johnny helps Walt with his police business as often as possible. Based on the Stephen King novel.


– Audio Commentary on select episodes
– “Behind-the-Scenes: ‘Genesis'” featurette
– “Quality of Life” storyboard slideshow
– “Behind-the-Scenes: Writing” featurette
– “Netherworld” storyboard slideshow
– The House” storyboard slideshow
– Season Two Trailer
– “Behind-the-Scenes: Music and Special Effects” featurette
– Storyboard slideshows / comparisons
– “Behind-the-Scenes: Guest Stars” featurette
– “Valley Of The Shadow” interview with actor Eric Schaeffer
€¢  Deleted Scenes
– “Valley Of The Shadow” alternate teaser
– “Making Of An Episode: Preproduction Part 1” featurettes:
– “Script Writing Process”
– “Casting”
– “Costumes”
– “Misbegotten” interview with actor Tracey Gold
– “Cabin Pressure” interview with director Mike Rohl
– “Making Of An Episode: Preproduction Part 2” featurettes:
– “Location Scouting”
– “VFX Meeting”
– “Dead Men Tell Tales” interview with director Gloria Muzio
– “The Man Who Never Was” interview with actor Robert Culp
– “Playing God” interview with actress Ally Sheedy
– “Zion” interview with actor Louis Gossett, Jr.
– “Making Of An Episode: Preproduction Part 3” featurette:
– “Production Meeting”
– “Plague” interview with actor Stephen Tobolowsky
– “Deja Woodoo” interview with actress Reiko Aylesworth
– “Making Of An Episode: Production” featurette
– “The Mountain” interview with actor Scott William Winters
– “The Combination” interview with actor Greg Serano
– “Visions” interview with actor Frank Whaley
– “Visions” interview with actor Ione Skye
– “Making Of An Episode: Post Production”:
– “Editing”
– “VFX Materials”
– “Sound Mixing”
– “Making The Leap To HD” featurette
– “Five Minutes ‘Til Mitch” short by John L. Adams
– “Cooking Verite” featurette
– “Quiet Confidence” featurette
– Gag reel
– “Production Design of The Dead Zone” featurette
– Bonus Episode: A Very Dead Zone Christmas
– “Tribute To Michael Piller” featurette
– “A Day with JLA” featurette
– “The Other Side of the Camera” featurette
– “A New Home For The Dead Zone” featurette
– “All Aboard: Shooting The Dead Zone On a Train” featurette