Rush – The Complete Collection

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4th August, 2021

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All 4 series of the Melbourne-made police drama!

Rush follows the lives of the Tactical Response (TR) team, a highly mobile, highly trained team of elite cops at the cutting edge of policing. Based on the real life Critical Incident Response Team, these young police officers are trained to be smarter, faster and technologically superior.

Hijackings, armed robberies, hostage negotiations and political assassinations are just some of the challenges the members of TR find themselves up against. Over four powerful series the team deal with the enormous pressure of their high stakes job as well as their increasingly complicated personal lives, as romances, personal rivalries and family secrets come into play.

With an incredible cast including Rodger Corser, Callan Mulvey, Jolene Anderson, Catherine McClements, Samuel Johnson, Nicole da Silva and Ashley Zukerman, this 19-disc complete collection includes every episode from the series.