Michael J. Fox Film Collection – Secret of My Success / The Hard Way / For Love or Money – Blu-ray

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5 April 2023

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Triple feature pack starring Michael J. Fox, one of Hollywood’s most likeable movie stars

Secret of My Success (1987)

Can a kid from Kansas come to New York to conquer the business world and maneuver his way from the mailroom to the boardroom in a matter of weeks? Michael J. Fox proves it can be done in this very funny lampoon of corporate business life. Fresh out of college, Brantley Foster (Fox) is determined to climb New York’s corporate ladder in record time by masquerading as an up-and-coming executive, even though he’s really the new mail boy. However, Brantley’s plans begin to go awry when the boss’s wife falls in love with him and he falls in love with a junior executive, who also happens to be the boss’s mistress.

The Hard Way (1991)

Michael J. Fox and James Woods team up for a hilarious action-adventure from director John Badham. Nick Lang (Fox) is a popular movie star who joins forces with a tough New York detective (Woods) in order to break out of his “nice guy” screen image. On the trail of a ruthless serial killer, the last thing Moss needs is a pampered Hollywood sidekick.

For Love or Money (1993)

Douglas Ireland is in one heck of a bind. While he caters to the whims of the super-rich, Ireland (Fox) dreams of building his own luxury hotel and hopes that a wealthy but unscrupulous investor will help. There’s one condition: Ireland must “babysit” the investor’s beautiful young mistress (Gabrielle Anwar). But soon, he must decide whether the love of his life is worth more than the dream of his life.

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