Martin Scorsese: Films of Faith – DVD

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3 July 2024

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English HOH

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Three critically acclaimed epics exploring the challenges of faith from one of the world’s greatest living directors Martin Scorsese

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The Last Temptation of Christ (1988)

A visually breathtaking re-imagining of faith and sacrifice, guilt and redemption, sin and atonement that follows Jesus Christ’s journey to accept his divinity and ultimate fate.

Kundun (1997)

The incredible true story of one of the world’s most fascinating leaders – Tibet’s Dalai Lama – and his daring struggle to rule a nation at one of the most challenging times in its history.

Silence (2016)

Two 17th century Portuguese missionaries undertake a perilous journey to Japan to search for their missing mentor, Father Christavao Ferreira, and to spread the gospel of Christianity.