Manhunt: The Complete Series (1970)


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22 March 2023

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Never certain of whom they can trust… and in constant danger of capture.

Downed RAF Squadron Leader Jimmy Porter joins Resistance agents Nina and Vincent in wartime France as they attempt to sabotage the activities of the occupying Germans and smuggle stranded airmen to safety. Never certain of whom they can trust, and in constant danger of capture and death at the hands of the SS, they embark on a vital mission to enable Nina – and the valuable information she possesses – to reach England… This tense drama from 1970 captures not only the ever-present fear but also the complex personal dilemmas experienced by those caught up in the tragedy of occupation. A strong cast that includes Robert Hardy (All Creatures Great and Small), Philip Madoc (A Mind to Kill) and Peter Barkworth (The Power Game) and scripts by Alfred Shaughnessy (Upstairs, Downstairs) and Jonathan Hales (The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones) make for compelling viewing; this release comprises all 26 episodes.