Maigret: The Complete Series


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9th December, 2020

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Michael Gambon as the sardonic detective Maigret.

Based on the mystery novels of Georges Simenon. One of the bestselling authors of all time, Georges Simenon is most famous for his more than 100 novels and short stories featuring Chief Inspector Maigret of the Paris police. Concerned more with “why” than “who,” Maigret’s profound perception of the realities of human behavior and extraordinary psychological insight make him one of fiction’s most interesting and unique sleuths.

Michael Gambon brings the timeless, tantalising exploits of Georges Simenon’s legendary detective to life in twelve episodes of mystery and intrigue. From Montmartre to the remote French countryside, Maigret encounters the dark side of the human psyche. Yet, he manages to maintain both compassion and a sense of humor as he explores the complex motives that lie behind every crime.