Magnum P.I. – Seasons 1 – 3

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17 August 2022

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Reboot of the classic 1980s series, starring Jay Hernandez & Perdita Weeks

Magnum P.I. is a modern take on the classic series centering on Thomas Magnum (Jay Hernandez), a decorated former Navy SEAL who, upon returning home from Afghanistan, repurposes his military skills to become a private investigator.

A charming rogue, Magnum lives in a guest cottage on Robin’s Nest, the luxurious estate where he works as a security consultant to supplement his P.I. business. The “majordomo” of the property is Juliet Higgins (Perdita Weeks), a beautiful and commanding disavowed MI:6 agent whose second job is to keep Magnum in line, with the help of her two Dobermans.

With keys to a vintage Ferrari in one hand, aviator sunglasses in the other, and an Old Düsseldorf longneck chilling in the fridge, Thomas Magnum is back on the case in Seasons 1 – 3 of the action-packed series!

Featuring a special guest appearance from Roger E. Mosley.

Special Features:


• Aloha Magnum!
• Launch promos
• Magnum P.I. – The Rising of the Sun: Season 1
• Scoring Magnum P.I.
• Kumu & Katsumoto
• Watch! Magazine Shoot with Jay Hernandez
• Gag Reel
• Deleted & Extended Scenes on Select Episodes


• Deleted Scenes
• Hawaii Five-O Crossover Episode
• Better Together: The Story of Magnum P.I. Season 2
• Video Diary with Stephen Hill
• Gag Reel


• Deleted Scenes
• Gag Reel