LennoNYC – Special Edition Blu-ray

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6 December 2023

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Fascinating documentary exporing and celebrating the life of John Lennon!

LennoNYC is the story of one of the most famous and influential artists of the Twentieth Century and how he found redemption not in the public adoration he craved as a youth, but in the quiet and simple pleasures of fatherhood. It is also an immigrant’s tale. For while John Lennon may not be your typical immigrant, he surely was just that. Lennon came to New York City in 1971, seeking what every other immigrant who has washed up on its shores has sought: freedom – the freedom to be himself and not “Beatle John,” the freedom to love without the overwhelming public scorn he and Yoko had suffered in London and, simply, the freedom to live a normal life. That, more than anything, is what New York City offered John Lennon: the ability to go out to a movie or a restaurant, to hail a cab. In New York, he could be free.

Uniquely posed to commemorate the life of artist John Lennon – someone whose life and work is as powerful and relevant today as it has ever been – LennoNYC tells this story with never before-released in-studio recordings, concert film, a trove of Lennon/Ono compositions and interviews with those closest to Lennon during this period in his life. No film about John Lennon has ever covered this story with the same breadth and depth as LennoNYC.

Special Features:

  • Over 20 minutes of additional interviews