Jason King – The Complete Series SPECIAL EDITION


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5th January, 2022

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SPECIAL EDITION 8-disc set includes documentary on the series, audio commentaries featuring Peter Wyngarde and directors, and more!

Thriller writer Jason King is brilliant, if at times erratic. He is physically as well as mentally active. His achievements are legion – racing driver, skier, mountaineer, explorer, free-fall parachutist. His talents and achievements are various and legendary. No longer attached to DEPARTMENT S in any way, he is free to roam the four corners of the earth at will – usually accompanied by gorgeous girls galore. Every type of adventure befalls him. Trouble tracks him down all over the world. His inquiring mind takes him into everything from international intrigue to local revolutions as he seeks inspiration and background for his best-selling Mark Caine novels. But through it all, he copes with everything in his own elegant, flamboyant manner. Anything can happen to Jason King – and does!

Peter Wyngarde, with his own unique style and humour, reprises the role that propelled him to worldwide fame in this 8-disc Special Edition set including all 26 episodes of the ITC action classic.
Special Features include audio commentaries with Peter Wyngarde, directors Roy Ward Baker and Cyril Frankel, the making-of documentary “Wanna Watch a Television Series? Chapter Two: Fish out of Water”, extensive image galleries and more.

Special Features:
• Audio commentary by series star Peter Wyngarde on “Flamingoes Only Fly On Tuesdays”
• Audio introduction by series star Peter Wyngarde on “Variations On A Theme”
• Audio commentary by Director Roy Ward Baker on “Wanna Buy A Television Series?”
• Audio commentary by Director Cyril Frankel on “An Author In Search of Two Characters”
• “Wanna Watch a Television Series? Chapter Two: Fish out of Water” – documentary on the making pf the series narrated by Peter Bowles and featuring contributions from Cyril Frankel, Kate O’Mara and Burt Kwouk
• Extensive Image Galleries
• Textless opening and closing titles and adcap
• Archive interview with Peter Wyngarde on Russell Harty’s show in 1973
• “The Crossfire” – a play from 1967 featuring Peter Wyngarde