Imprint Bundle Pack – July 2024


Film Focus: Harvey Keitel (1992 - 1999) - Imprint Collection #333 - 338

Six classic films starring Hollywood's favourite tough guy Harvey Keitel, packed with brand NEW special features plus an exclusive booklet.

Smoke / Blue In The Face (1995) - Imprint Collection #339 - 340

Harvey Keitel stars in the hilarious independent comedy Smoke, plus its sequel Blue in the Face!

Men Of Respect (1990) - Imprint Collection #341


8mm (1999) - Imprint Collection #342


The Juror (1996) - Imprint Collection #343


Number of Blu-ray Discs


Release Date

31 July 2024


Any pre-order titles will be dispatched in the week leading up to its aforementioned release date. Special features and artwork are subject to change. See FAQs for more information.

Imp4184 Film Focus Harvey Keitel Title Treatment Wfilms

Film Focus: Harvey Keitel (1992 – 1999) – Imprint Collection #333 – 338

With a career spanning almost sixty years, Hollywood’s favourite tough guy Harvey Keitel is one of the most beloved and iconic actors of all time.

These six classic 90’s films celebrate his remarkable career and feature performances from Madonna, Elisabeth Moss, John Wood, Kate Winslet, Iain Glen, James Russo, Kelly Lynch, and John Turturro.

  • Bad Lieutenant (1992)
  • The Young Americans (1993)
  • Dangerous Game (1993)
  • Imaginary Crimes (1994)
  • Clockers (1995)
  • Holy Smoke (1999)

Limited Edition 6-Disc Hardbox packed with brand NEW special features including audio commentaries and interviews, plus an exclusive booklet featuring essays on Bad Lieutenant by film critic Sean Burns, Holy Smoke by film critic / podcast producer Blake Howard, and Harvey Keitel by filmmaker Scout Tafoya.

1500 copies only.


Tt Smoke Blue In The Face

Smoke / Blue In The Face (1995) – Imprint Collection #339 – 340

Harvey Keitel stars as Augustus “Auggie” Wren, a Brooklyn Cigar Store manager, in the hilarious independent comedy Smoke, plus its sequel Blue in the Face.

Limited Edition 2-Disc Hardbox, strictly limited to 1500 copies only.


Men Of Respect Title Alt

Worldwide first on Blu-ray!

William Shakespeare’s Macbeth receives the mobster treatment in this 1990 crime drama, starring John Turturro (The Big Lebowski) as a Mafia hitman killing his way to the top.

A fearless mobster wins the respect and admiration of his powerful godfather by assassinating the leaders of a rival family. But the prodding of his ambitious wife and the prophecy of a ghetto gypsy convince him to murder the godfather and claim his crown.

With stellar supporting performances from legendary actors Rod Steiger, Stanley Tucci, Dennis Farina and Peter Boyle, this bloodthirsty adaptation delivers a gripping blend of Shakespearean tragedy and gritty underworld intrigue.

1500 copies only.


8mm Tt Black

8mm (1999) – Imprint Collection #342

8mm is the box office smash that stars Nicolas Cage as a private investigator who falls deep into the world of snuff films. Directed by Joel Schumacher (The Lost Boys), and written by Andrew Kevin Walker (Seven), this crime thriller also stars Joaquin Phoenix and James Gandolfini.

Private detective Tom Welles is hired to investigate the authenticity of a reel of eight millimetre film which shows a young girl being killed. Who is the girl? Is the film real? Will Tom live to learn the truth?

“The last two words of the screenplay are ‘save me’ and by the time they’re said, we know what they mean.” – Roger Ebert

1500 copies only.


Imp3140 The Juror Title Orig

The Juror (1996) – Imprint Collection #343

Demi Moore and Alec Baldwin light up the screen in this thrilling crime drama from the Academy Award winning screenwriter of The Silence of the Lambs, Ted Tally. 

Struggling single mother Annie Laird’s assignment to jury duty becomes a nightmarish ordeal when she is targeted by the mob and threatened to help a guilty man go free, while an obsessive hitman is charged with ‘motivating’ Annie to break the law… or killing her if she doesn’t.

Based on the novel by George Dawes Green, the star-studded cast also includes James Gandolfini, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Lindsay Crouse.

1500 copies only.