Hercules: The TV Movies

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14 February 2024

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Long ago… in a time of myth and legend. When ancient gods plagued man with suffering – only one man dared to challenge their power. Hercules!

Hercules & The Amazon Women

A village besieged by mysterious unseen monsters is the setting for this disarming display of evil that has Hercules taken captive and tortured.

Hercules & The Lost Kingdom

Hercules is pursued by his deadly, implacable enemy, his stepmother Hera, who used many supernatural disguises to try and destroy Hercules as he searches for the lost city of Troy.

Hercules & The Circle of Fire

When all the Earth’s fire begins to go out, Hercules and Deianeira must go in search for fire to stop the world from becoming frozen.

Hercules In The Underworld

When villagers begin disappearing, Hercules once again comes to the rescue and faces one of his most difficult challenges, and must prove himself as a man as well as a god.

Hercules In The Maze of The Minotaur

Hercules has given up his days of traveling and has settled down to spend some time with his family. When a distant village is threatened by an unseen monster, Hercules is called upon to help save them.

Special Feature:

  • The Men Behind The Myth – documentary