Hallmark Collection 18 (A Tail of Love / Road Trip Romance / The Perfect Pairing)


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9 November 2022

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Three heart-warming films from the Hallmark Channel

A Tail of Love

When Bella discovers that funding for her dog rescue centre is discontinued, she turns to JR, a soldier who quickly becomes attached to one of her rescues, a German Shepard named, Indie. Starring Brittany Bristow and Chris McNally.

Road Trip Romance

An escalating series of unfortunate events keeps delaying a young woman’s journey to her sister’s wedding – a journey she is forced to take with the guy who was her biggest rival in high school. Starring Natalie Hall and Corey Sevier.

The Perfect Pairing

When tough as nails food critic C.J. slips and loses her memory while touring a winter winery, she discovers her true heart’s desires and new romance with a local wine maker, Michael, and his family, but could lose it all when her true identity comes to light. Starring Nazneen Contractor and Brennan Elliott.