Fingersmith (Mini Series)


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17th March, 2021

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Starring Oscar-nominee Sally Hawkins.

Sally Hawkins, Imelda Staunton, Charles Dance, Rupert Evans, David Troughton and Elaine Cassidy star in this highly acclaimed mini-series set partly in Victorian London’s criminal underworld, adapting Sarah Waters’ Man Booker Prize-nominated novel.

Petty thief Sue Trinder is part of an elaborate scheme to defraud heiress Maud Lilly of her inheritance. Urged on by her guardian Mrs. Sucksby, Sue aids conman Richard Rivers in his plan to marry Maud then have her committed to a madhouse, thus claiming her fortune.

In a dramatic twist, it is Sue herself who is consigned to the asylum, as Maud, desperate to escape her own tortured existence, has been in on Rivers’ plan from the start. But Maud learns that she too is a victim of Rivers’ deception and the two young women now find their lives intertwined in ways that neither could have imagined…