Danger Man: The Complete Collection RAW DISC


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Patrick McGoohan is secret agent John Drake in his breakout role, Danger Man

3 years beore James Bond hit the big-screen, Patrick McGoohan was John Drake – an exemplary agent for British Intelligence who is sent into situations too tricky or dangerous for normal spies to undertake.

Showcasing a superb soundtrack from Edwin Astley, this classic action series features intriguing storylines from key writers – including Brian Clemens, Ralph Smart, Donald Johnson, Philip Broadley and Tony Williamson. Includes every episode from the 1959-60 and 1964-66 series on DVD.

Special Features:

  • Audio Commentaries with writer Brian Clemens and director Peter-Graham Scott on ‘View From The Villa’ and ‘The Nurse’
  • Audio Commentary with director Peter-Graham Scott on ‘An Affair of State’
  • Introductions by guest actors Earl Cameron, Jane Merrow, Wanda Ventham
  • Feature-length film version of ‘Koroshi’ plus the original Trailer
  • Original Promos and Trailers
  • Opening Title Film Rushes
  • Commercial Break Bumpers
  • Textless Material
  • ‘Secret Agent’ – U.S. Title Sequences and Sponsorship Tags
  • Destination Danger – German Title Sequence
  • Extensive Image Galleries