Carry On… Film Collection 1 – BLU-RAY


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9 November 2022

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The first four films from the legendary Carry On… film series make their Blu-ray debut in this collector’s set

Begin your journey through the annals of Britain’s longest-running comedy film series with this 4-disc Blu-ray set featuring the first 4 films of the uproarious franchise – in high-definition for the first time worldwide.

Carry On Sergeant (1958)

For six years Sergeant Grimshawe has been a training sergeant but never the proud leader of a Star Squad. He accepts a bet from another sergeant that in the next intake, his last before retirement, his squad will pass out top. But when he’s lumbered with a motley crew of inductees, Grimshawe suspects he hasn’t a chance of winning the bet.

Carry On Nurse (1959)

The men’s surgical ward of the Haven Hospital is staffed by an energetic nursing team under the watchful eye of Matron. Their suty time is taken up not only with nursing, but in attempting to control the riotous “shower” of patients who are always up to some prank or other. They also have to contend with the amorous advances of the patients!

Carry On Teacher (1959)

Acting Headmaster William Wakefield decides to apply for a post at a new school after 20-years service at Maudlin Street Modern School. Before he can leave he must deal with a visit by a Ministry of Education Inspector, but when a senior boy pupil overhears Wakefield plans to leave at the end of term, he and his school chums plan to sabotage every endeavour that might earn Wakefield praise.

Carry On Constable (1960)

Because of a flu epidemic, three police constables straight from college are sent to a local constabularly as temporary replacements. But their Inspector soon discovers the new recruits are pretty a hopeless bunch and issues orders the quartet are to be accompanied on duty – not that it helps matters!


Special Features:

  • Audio Commentary by Dora Bryan, Terence Longdon and Shirley Eaton on Carry On Sergeant
  • Audio Commentary by Shirley Eaton and Terence Longdon on Carry On Nurse
  • Audio Commentary by Larry Dann and Richard O’Sullivan on Carry On Teacher
  • Audio Commentary by Leslie Phillips on Carry On Constable
  • Theatrical Trailers on select films
  • Image Galleries