Burnside – The Complete Series

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15th September, 2021

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One of The Bill’s most popular and long-running characters spins off into a stand-alone series – Burnside.

Christopher Ellison reprises his role as Frank Burnside, one of The Bill’s best-loved characters, in this grittier, post-watershed spin-off, first aired in 2000.

Having built his reputation on good detective work – combined with his unique approach of putting suspects’ heads down the toilet and making their lives hell – Burnside is back on familiar form heading a crack unit in the National Crime Squad, Britain’s equivalent of the FBI.

In a series of hard-hitting investigations tackling big-league villains – old adversary Ronnie Buchan topping his list – rough diamond Burnside is joined by Dave Summers, a suave graduate who sometimes finds his boss’s methods dubious, and the feisty Sam Philips, a wild-child with an instinctive flair for police work. His colleagues may be younger, fitter and trained in modern techniques, but both recognise that Burnside’s way gets results…