British Comedy Classics: Film Collection Two

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19 July 2023

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The big-screen film adaptations from the popular British sitcoms Man About The House, George & Mildred, Father, Dear Father, Bless This House and Are You Being Served?

Man About The House – (1974)

Catering student Robin Tripp sees nothing unusual about sharing a flat with two girls, Chrissy and Jo. Indeed, it works well except when his flat mates try their hand at cooking or his natural male urges get the better of him. But their daily game of cat and mouse is threatened when their warring landlords George and Mildred Roper are targeted by a greedy and unscrupulous property developer, Spiros, who sees their residence as a delectable target for demolition to make way for brand new office towers.

Father, Dear Father – (1973)

Widower and famous thriller writer Patrick Glover thinks its may be time to settle down again as a way to regain some control over his wayward daughters. Throw in an all-night noisy party, a case of mistaken identity, a mis-proposal to the cleaning lady, a nutty priest, the return of an ex-wife and her jealous husband, a scheming brother and a daughter’s accident-prone boyfriend and you have all the ingredients for high farce.

George And Mildred – (1980)

Mildred plans a plush London Hotel escape to celebrate their wedding anniversary – however unhappy George might be at the cost (and intimacy) involved. But the getaway turns hilariously sour when George is mistaken for a deadly hit man by a shady businessman who wants his rival eliminated.

The Intelligence Men – (1965)

In this cynical parody on James Bond clichés, Eric and Ernie are caught up in a world of mystery and mayhem as they play a pair of bunging detectives attempting to protect a ballerina from Russian agents.

That Riviera Touch – (1966)

Our comedy duo take on the roles of a pair of traffic wardens on holiday in the South of France. They set off in a ‘vintage’ car, and are soon spotted by a gang of jewel thieves who see in Eric, Ernie and their decrepit motor car, the perfect cover for smuggling stolen goods.

The Magnificent Two – (1967)

A movie of mistaken identity… our comedy double act play a pair of travelling salesmen who set off for South America. The fun and games begin when Eric is mistaken for the son of the late President and is rushed off to a military headquarters where, on pain of death, he is forced to pose as the President’s son.

Bless This House: The Feature Film – (1972)

Sid Abbott and his pal Trevor have a hobby – home-brewing. Their latest creation is brandy, which is secretly stashed in Sid’s shed. They discover that their new neighbour is a Customs Officer who must collect tax on all such spirits. To add to this, Sid’s chaotic family are adding to his complicated problems.

Are You Being Served – (1977)

The clothing department’s floor requires renovation; rather than let the staff sit idle while the area is closed off, the management sends them on a paid holiday in Costa Plonka, a fictional city in Spain. Their hotel and its surroundings prove to be dismal, and the group tries to pass the time by acting on the crushes they have developed for one another in the workplace. This results in disaster, as multiple amorous notes reach the wrong recipients and everyone gets wrong ideas about who fancies whom. Meanwhile, Carlos, the hotel manager receives an unwelcome visit from an old acquaintance, Cesar Rodriguez, who is after Mrs. Slocombe after seeing her passport. He is also plotting a revolutionary uprising and wants to use the hotel as his base.

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No Sex Please, We’re British – (1973)

Nervous Ronnie Corbett is a bank clerk who is thrown into confusion when a parcel of dirty postcards arrives at his bank. His employer, played by Arthur Lowe, just so happens to be an anti-pornographic campaigner, who when further parcels of blue films and pornographic books arrive, our little clerk finds it difficult to dispose of the offensive material without arousing suspicion.

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