British Comedy Classics Film Collection 1

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10 May 2023

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9 hilarious British classics in one collection!

Up Pompeii (1971)

The Roman Empire is at its height and the citizens of Pompeii spend all the time they can enjoying themselves – except for the slaves that is. In preparation for a wild orgy at his master’s request, Lurcio accidentally picks up a scroll instead of a cucumber, unbeknownst it details the names of conspirators engaged in a plot against Emperor Nero.

Up the Chastity Belt (1971)

Though nobly born, Lurkalot has been laid low by wicked barons and has to make the best of life as a mere serf at Custard Castle. Between buttling for Sir Coward de Custard and posing for Lady Ashfodel’s tapestry, he indulges in a little business selling chastity belts and love potions.

Up the Front (1972)

Lurk, the last of a long line of cowards, is boot-boy at Twithampton House when war is declared. The servants, headed by Groping, the sex mad butler, are marshalled to volunteer by heir apparent Nigel Phipps-Fortescue. Only Lurk rejects the call to arms but a twist of fate finds him hypnotised into believing he alone can save England and joins up hastily.

On the Buses (1971)

When the Town and District Bus Company finds itself short-staffed, it is Inspector Blake who comes up with the brilliant idea of employing women drivers. The company are delighted but the bus crews – led by Stan Butler and his conductor Jack – are horrified.

Mutiny on the Buses (1972)

Stan has announced his engagement–but all that can go wrong does. The flat he had planned to buy for his new life has shot up in price – his only means of making the extra lolly is to be promoted to the new Safari Park route. But a trial run leads to comical disaster, allowing for a cavalcade of unexpected passengers!

Holiday on the Buses (1973)

Inspector Blakey has finally got Butler. Three wrecked buses results in termination for Stan and Jack. But their unemployment doesn’t last for long when finding work running a holiday bus at a camp by the seaside – and with all the birds in the holiday mood, the lads are assured to strike it lucky.

Steptoe & Son (1972)

The bright lights of the West End beckon for Harold when he marries a stripper, but his ever-resentful father tags along on their honeymoon bringing an end to wedded bliss.

Steptoe & Son Ride Again (1973)

The Steptoe’s loyal, but past-it horse must be sent off to the knacker’s yard. Instead of buying a new nag, a drunken Harold blows their savings on a greyhound in the belief it will win them a fortune.


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