Blue Heelers Collection Three


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4 October 2017

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For cops in Mt. Thomas, life’s about more than the badge.

Mt. Thomas, population 10,000. An average sized country town, with an above average crime rate. Where morality reigns and goodness triumphs over evil… most of the time.

It’s a town whose fortunes rise and fall with the price of wheat and lamb. The highway brings tourists, trouble and endless work for the police station and the local community aren’t shy in coming forward when they don’t agree with the local coppers. This poses a constant challenge for the young officers recruited from the city, as their perceptions and ideals are challenged daily by the alien (but very moral) values of the bush.

What Mt. Thomas lacks in height is more than made up by the personalities of its inhabitants. In particular, the officers of the Mt. Thomas Police Station – caught in the act of living and working in a close-knit rural community during tough times. For cops in Mt. Thomas, life’s about more than the badge.

In this third special edition DVD box installment, you get to relive episodes 266 – 388.