Beech Is Back: The Complete Series


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24 May 2023

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Don Beech returns in the six-part mini-series spin off of the iconic British police procedural The Bill

From the creators of award-winning serial drama The Bill comes hard-hitting new crime series Beech Is Back, starring Billy Murray as DS Don Beech and Clara Salaman as DS Clare Stanton.

Award-winning serial drama The Bill’s infamous corrupt copper Don Beech (Billy Murray) is back as he returns home to London to mastermind his most audacious crime to date – the robbery of a safe deposit box centre in London. With the help of Frankie, his partner-in-crime and lover, and an assorted gang of small-time crooks assembled by his trusty old friend Tommy, Beech brings central London to a halt with bomb scare tactics, pulling off the theft of a lifetime. But the course of crime never runs smooth, and Beech’s worst nightmare is about to begin.