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4th October 2017

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Urban Legend

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Urban legends come to terrifying life in this hip and fast-paced horror film trilogy.

Urban legends… those contemporary macabre myths that have no traceable source yet can’t be proven false, come to terrifying life in this hip and fast-paced horror film trilogy.

Urban Legend  (1998)

Did you hear the urban legend about the killer who was calling from the inside of the house… or the maniac with an axe hiding in the backseat of a car? Somebody at Pendleton College has and they’re turning all of the most terrifying modern myths into reality! Directed by Jamie Blanks.

Special Features: Filmmaker’s Commentary and Making-Of Featurette

Urban Legends: Final Cut  (2000)

When student filmmaker Amy Mayfield (Jennifer Morrison, Stir of Echos) decides that the subject of her thesis film will be urban legends, her crew begins to fall one-by-one in a series of fatal ‘accidents’. Suspicious, Amy investigates and makes the chilling discovery that someone is determined to win the award for best film, even if it means killing the competition. Now she must unmask the killer before she too becomes an urban legend.

Special Features: Director’s Commentary, Gag Reel, Deleted Scenes

Urban Legends: Bloody Mary (2005)

From director Mary Lambert (Pet Cemetery, The In Crowd), the terrifying Urban Legend trilogy comes full circle with Urban Legends: Bloody Mary. On a prom-night dare, a trio of high-school friends chant an incantation, unleashing an evil spirit from the past with deadly consequences. That same night, the girls are abducted by a gang of high-school jocks. Once rescued, their tormentors receive their just desserts, dying one by one in a chain reaction of gruesome murders, each with a bizzare Urban Legend  twist. Is it all just a high -school prank taken to grisly extremes – or has Bloody Mary returned from the grave to wreak her own vengeance?

Special Feature: The Making of Urban Legends: Bloody Mary