The Eagles The Unauthorised Story (Definitive Collection)


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This special edition DVD set explores the history of the iconic US rock band The Eagles. Formed in Los Angeles in 1971, the band established themselves as one of the foremost music acts of the ’70s with seven number one singles, and became one of the biggest rock acts in the world. Featuring a blend of archive material, interviews and performance footage this documentary collection aims to highlight their long career musical career.

The Eagles In Performance
Meet the biggest selling US act of all time! Five number ones singles, four number one albums, and that was just in the ’70s! Here we put the legend under scrutiny in the most unforgiving arena of all; In Performance, as we bring you the highlights from the past 30 years. Rare footage of the band performing their greatest hits live from television and film archives is analysed and reviewed by a team of leading music critics and veteran musicologists, including former editor of US Melody Maker Charles Charlesworth and prolific rock journalist, author and musician John Mendelssohn.

The Eagles – Desperado – World’s Greatest Albums
In 1973, The Eagles released their second album, an album that provided them with their signature tune and announced the arrival of a major new talent in the field of country rock music. In this unique re-appraisal of one of the seminal works of the genre, the legendary broadcaster Bob Harris takes us back in time to Los Angeles in the seventies the place and time that provided the backdrop for the The Eagles sound. In addition, the programme features analysis by a team of respected music journalists and rock critics, who highlight the strengths of an album featuring such peerless tracks as Tequila Sunrise , Outlaw and the much-covered title song. The key tunes are analysed and deconstructed to explain why they have achieved classic status. These standout features are complemented by superb performance footage of the band in their seventies heyday plus informative interviews with author and journalist Barney Hoskyns.

The Eagles – Music In Review
This is the definitive independent critical review of the legendary music created the Eagles, on film, on record and in concert. This penetrating critical analysis draws on rare footage of the Eagles in performance from live concert footage, TV and radio, and compares and contrasts the Eagles remarkable achievements throughout the 1970s with the mixed results of their solo careers. A team of leading music critics and working musicians revisits the performance and the original albums in order to discover the secrets behind the music.

The Eagles – The Long Run
The ultimate review of the Eagles; through critical review and complete live performances! This is the definitive independent review of the Eagles on film, on record and in concert. Featuring a team of leading music critics and working musicians including acclaimed authors Peter Doggett and Johnny Rogan, this penetrating critical analysis draws on rare archive footage of the band live in concert.

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