The Champions – The Complete Series SPECIAL EDITION


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Release Date

20th October, 2021

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Product Code VVE2697

This special edition 9-disc set includes all 30 remastered action-packed episodes, with archive bonus material and a feature-length documentary re-uniting the three leads.

The Champions are agents of an international agency known by the code name of Nemesis, a top secret department based in Geneva and supported by all countries but answerable to none. Acting on instructions from the head of Nemesis, named Tremayne—they plunge into breath-takingly dangerous adventures in all corners of the world in their pursuit of law, order and justice and dealing with situations that could blossom into international incident.

But these are not ordinary agents. Seemingly impossible feats are made logical because of the remarkable powers granted them when their plane crashes in Tibet and their lives are saved by an unknown race of people from a lost city. They find themselves endowed with the qualities and skills of super humans, with physical and mental qualities to the peak of human performance… not superhuman but super beings with gifts that enable them to face greater hazards than anyone would dare to take.

This 9-disc set collects all 30 remastered episodes from the ITC action classic, plus bonus special features.

• ‘We Were The Champions, a feature-length documentary on the making of THE CHAMPIONS, featuring contributions from William Gaunt, Alexandra Bastedo, Stuart Damon, Johnny Goodman, Malcolm Christopher, Ken Baker, Cyril Frankel and Brian Clemens
• An audio commentary on The Beginning featuring Stuart Damon, Alexandra Bastedo and William Gaunt
• An audio commentary on Autokill featuring Stuart Damon, Alexandra Bastedo and William Gaunt
• A second audio commentary on Autokill featuring Malcolm Christopher, Ken Baker and Roy Ward Baker
• Previously unseen extended version of ‘The Beginning’ featuring specially shot bookend sequences
• Artistes test footage
• Nearly thirty minutes of incidental music by Edwin Astley, Robert Farnon and Albert Elms, prepared as a musical suite and accompanied by an extensive image gallery including many behind the scenes stills
• The Legend of The Champions – a feature-length compilation of the episodes “The Beginning” and “The Interrogation”, made by ITC for the overseas market in the early 1980s
• Episodic Trailer gallery – a gallery of the nineteen remaining The Champions trailers (with UK and US soundtracks), specially transferred from the original film elements
• Generic trailer gallery – a gallery of various generic trailers of differing lengths
• Specially filmed Australian ‘Channel 9’ promos
• Merchandise Image Gallery of The Champions memorabilia showcasing images of the merchandise produced for the series during the sixties and early seventies. It includes the full fronts and backs of all the Champions trading cards.
• Annual Material PDF – The Champions featured as an ongoing strip in the Joe 90 Top Secret comic
• Reconstructed ad-caps
• Variant Titles featuring unused title music composed by Robert Farnon.