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26 October 2022

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Testament (1983) – Imprint Collection #170

There are errands to run, laundry to sort, piano lessons to tackle. But an ordinary day like any other ends abruptly with a startling TV news bulletin, followed moments later by a blinding flash. With her husband away and her three frightened children gathered around her, Carol Wetherly (Jane Alexander) must face the unthinkable – the devastating aftermath of a nuclear attack.

Director Lynne Littman’s gripping, deeply moving film garnered Alexander an Oscar nomination among a stellar cast.

Starring Jane Alexander, William Devane, Roxana Zal, Lukas Haas, Rebecca De Mornay & Kevin Costner.


Save The Tiger (1973) – Imprint Collection #171

Jack Lemmon plays Harry Stoner, a man caught in violent collision with his past and present life. He believes there is nothing significant in his life except survival, and that instinct pushes him beyond moral conduct. He’ll juggle the books, supply women for clients… and even set fire to his own dress manufacturing factory. He is drawn to an America when life not only had values and heroes, it all seemed worth living and building. But Harry is frightened to break away from the emptiness of his seemingly successful life.

Jack Lemmon won an Oscar for this dramatic performance, considered by many to be his finest.

Starring Jack Lemmon, Jack Gilford, Laurie Heineman, Norman Burton & Patricia Smith.


The Molly Maguires (1970) – Imprint Collection #172

A secret society of militant coal miners battled their exploitation by the mine owners with violence and intimidation. This gripping, true story follows a detective on undercover assignment for the owners, fighting his own conscience, while attempting to gain the trust of the tough and suspicious leader of the Mollies.

Directed by Martin Ritt, starring Richard Harris & Sean Connery. Based on the 1964 book Lament for the Molly Maguires by Arthur H. Lewis.

Starring Sean Connery, Richard Harris, Samantha Eggar, Frank Finlay & Anthony Zerbe.


North Dallas Forty (1979) – Imprint Collection #173

North Dallas Forty depicts Nolte as an aging ballplayer who, through a woman he meets, is drawn away from the masculine, violent world in which he has lived so long. In doing so, he finds himself at odds with the team’s management.

On release director Ted Kotcheff was praised for delivering a realistic portrayal of the world of pro football in the 70’s. Based on the popular novel by former Dallas Cowboy Peter Gent.

Starring Nick Nolte, Dabney Coleman, Mac Davis & Charles Durning.


Pretty Baby (1978) – Imprint Collection #174

Hattie (Susan Sarandon), a New Orleans hooker, meets a photographer named Bellocq (Keith Carradine) at her brothel one night and, after he photographs her, he befriends her 12-year-old daughter, Violet (Brooke Shields). When Violet is brought on as a working girl by her mother’s madam and Hattie skips town to get married, Violet quickly loses her innocence and focuses on reuniting with Bellocq. But a life with Bellocq is compromised for Violet after her mother returns to town.

Controversial at the time of release as the story centred on the taboo theme of child prostitution. Acclaimed director Louis Malle created a film of humanity and beauty and is a must-see for all serious film fans.

Starring Brooke Shields, Keith Carradine & Susan Sarandon.


Come Back, Little Sheba (1952) – Imprint Collection #175

Two decades after their hasty wedding, Doc (Burt Lancaster) and Lola (Shirley Booth) are stuck in a deadening and loveless marriage. Doc, who dropped out of medical school when Lola got pregnant, blames Lola for the loss of his life’s dream. Lola, who never recovered emotionally from the miscarriage she suffered shortly after their wedding, still mourns the loss of her beloved dog, Sheba. When a beautiful young lodger (Terry Moore) enters their home, long-repressed emotions explode.

The film is based on the Broadway play Come Back, Little Sheba by William Inge. Shirley Booth, who had originated her role on the Broadway play was making her film debut and won Best Actress at the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes and the Film Critics Circle Awards.

Newsweek called the film “one of Hollywood’s few outstanding movies of the year”.

Starring Burt Lancaster, Shirley Booth, Terry Moore & Richard Jaeckel.


The Rose Tattoo (1955) – Imprint Collection #176

Anna Magnani plays Serafina Delle Rose, who retreats from the world when her beloved husband dies. But Serafina reawakens to life’s joys when she meets Alvaro (Burt Lancaster), a happy-go-lucky truck driver who has the same sunny openness her husband had, even the same occupation. And on his chest is the same symbol of love, The Rose Tattoo.

When Tennessee Williams wrote The Rose Tattoo, he had one actress in mind – Anna Magnani. William’s sense of casting proved as sharp as his ear for dialogue. Magnani won the Best Actress Oscar for her bravura portrayal in this drama that received eight Academy Award nominations (including Best Picture) and won three.

Starring Anna Magnani, Burt Lancaster, Marisa Pavan & Ben Cooper.


Warning Shot (1967) – Imprint Collection #177

LAPD Sgt Tom Valens (David Janssen) kills a man who pulls a gun on him during a stakeout. But when the dead man turns out to be a respected doctor with no criminal record and no gun is found, Valens is charged with manslaughter. Valens fights to clear his name, find the gun, and learn why the doctor was there.

This 1960’s cult crime film was directed by Buzz Kulik and based on the 1965 novel 711 – Officer Needs Help by Whit Masterson.

Starring Steve Allen, Ed Begley, Joan Collins & Lillian Gish.