Imprint Bundle Pack – May 2023


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31 May 2023

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The Catman of Paris (1946) – Imprint Collection #219

Author Charles Regnier returns to 1896 Paris after exotic travels, having written a bestseller which the Ministry of Justice would like to ban. That very night, an official is killed on the dark streets… clawed to death! The prefect of police suspects some type of “were-cat”, but Inspector Severen thinks there is nothing supernatural about Regnier’s motive. Regnier begins to doubt himself when he has another hallucinatory blackout during the second killing. Who is the infamous Catman of Paris?

Directed by Lesley Selander, this rare 1946 republic horror is finally getting a well-deserved release.

Starring: Carl Esmond, Lenore Aubert, Adele Mara, and Douglass Dumbrille.

Worldwide debut on Blu-ray.


The Great Gatsby (1949) – Imprint Collection #220

This 1949 movie lavishly takes us on the journey of Jay Gatsby (Alan Ladd) who worked his way from poor fisherman to extravagant millionaire. Travel back in time to the roaring 20s, a time of flappers, bootlegging, art deco architecture, and jazz music, through this classic tale of love and betrayal, deception and mystery.

This Paramount Pictures classic is the second film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel and was made before the book became considered an American classic. Once considered a lost film, the master was found in 2012 and has been lovingly restored.

Here for the first time, the film is presented in high definition from a new 4K scan.

Starring: Betty Field, Alan Ladd, Macdonald Carey, and Ruth Hussey.

Worldwide debut on Blu-ray.


Uptight (1968) – Imprint Collection #221

Days after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Tank Williams (Julian Mayfield) is an unemployed and itinerant steelworker who turns over his militant friend, Johnny (Max Julien) to the police for the $1,000 reward, resulting in an underground all-points bulletin to exact vengeance on the squealer.

Legendary director, Jules Dassin’s unrelenting directorial pace is complemented by the driving score of Booker T. Jones.

Uptight is an updated remake of John Ford’s 1935 film, The Informer.

Starring: Raymond St. Jacques, Ruby Dee, Roscoe Lee Browne, and Frank Silvera.


The Long Voyage Home (1940) – Imprint Collection #222

The merchant ship Glencairn rolls and shivers in the black North Atlantic. On board, her anxious crewmen search the sky for German planes and hope they’ll survive The Long Voyage Home. Director John Ford and screenwriter Dudley Nichols adapted delivered this compelling, lyrical look at men at sea that O’Neill considered his favorite of all his filmed works.

Nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture, The Long Voyage Home is a journey to remember.

Starring: John Wayne, Thomas Mitchell, Ian Hunter, Ward Bond, and Barry Fitzgerald.


Bus Riley’s Back in Town (1965) – Imprint Collection #223

A brooding ex-serviceman (Michael Parks) comes home and spends time with an innocent girl (Janet Margolin) and a worldly woman (Ann-Margret).

An entertaining, well-written, and well-acted drama with a great cast. Ann-Margret sex-potting her way throughout makes this a must-see movie. For Ann-Margret fans, this holy grail is a forgotten gem.

Starring Ann-Margret, Michael Parks, Janet Margolin, Brad Dexter, and Jocelyn Brando.

Worldwide debut on Blu-ray.


The Spiral Road (1962) – Imprint Collection # 224

Directed by Robert Mulligan (To Kill a Mockingbird), The Spiral Road stars Rock Hudson as an opportunistic young doctor who travels the jungles of the Dutch West Indies on a quest for knowledge and money. Planning to profit later, Dr. Anton Drager (Rock Hudson) sets out to learn all he can about leprosy from a renowned and eccentric older physician, Brits Jansen (Academy Award winner Burl Ives). However, his journey becomes more spiritual when a terrifying meeting with a black-magic medicine man forces him to reevaluate both his self-serving past and his plans for the future.

Starring Rock Hudson, Burl Ives, and Gena Rowlands.