Imprint Bundle Pack – May 2022


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25th May, 2022

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The Warriors (Imprint Collection #123)

A battle of gigantic proportions is looming in the neon underground of New York City.

The armies of the night number 100,000; they outnumber the police 5 to 1; and tonight they’re after the Warriors – a street gang blamed unfairly for a rival gang leader’s death.

This 1979 cult classic is now available in this all new limited edition release featuring together for the first time in HD the original 1979 Theatrical cut in addition with the 2005 Directors cut.

This new Limited edition set also delivers a host of new bonus features including commentaries, Interviews and video essays examining the cult phenomenon of The Warriors!

Limited Edition 2 Disc Hard box edition with unique artwork. 2000 copies.

After Dark: Neo Noir Cinema Collection One (Imprint Collection #124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129)

This six disc limited edition collection brings together some of the best directors and actors in six crime soaked tales of hard-boiled detectives, seductive women, mistaken identity and suspense, in the best tradition of the shadowy world of Neo Noir Cinema!

  • 1990 After Dark My Sweet
  • 1991 Rush
  • 1992 One False Move
  • 1992 Mortal Thoughts
  • 1993 Flesh & Bone
  • 1998 Twilight

Limited Edition 6 Disc Hard box edition with 80 page booklet featuring essays from Film Critics Walter Chaw & Pater Galvin. 2000 copies.

The Contender (Imprint Collection #130)

Sometimes you can assassinate a leader without firing a shot. When the truth becomes a weapon, power comes at a stunning price. Gary Oldman, Joan Allen, Jeff Bridges, Philip Baker Hall and Christian Slater deliver electrifying performances in this controversial, suspenseful and critically-acclaimed thriller. Sometimes you can assassinate a leader without firing a shot.

Bloody Sunday (Imprint Collection #131)

On 30th January 1972, British soldiers shot dead 13 unarmed civilians taking part in an anti-internment civil rights march in Derry, Northern Ireland. The event was a major turning point in the history of the modern Irish troubles, driving many young men into the IRA and fuelling a 25-year cycle of violence. This powerful, award-winning film tells the story of Bloody Sunday in just one day from dusk till dawn.