Imprint Bundle Pack – June 2023


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28 June 2023

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The Bounty (1984) – Imprint Collection #225

William Bligh (Anthony Hopkins) was a real-life sea captain who, in 1787, steered HMS Bounty on a 27,000 mile voyage into danger, chaos and madness. After 31 days battling severe sea squalls and Bligh’s ever-increasing cruelty, the weary crew is relieved to land on the tropical island of Tahiti. But soon their tyrannical captain wants to set sail again and the desperate men turn to first mate Fletcher Christian (Mel Gibson) to help take the ship by force.

Originally, “The Bounty” was a longstanding project of Director David Lean who ultimately left the project in 1981 and was replaced by Australian Director Roger Donaldson.

Starring: Mel Gibson, Anthony Hopkins, Daniel Day-Lewis, Liam Neeson, Laurence Olivier, and Edward Fox.

Strictly Limited Edition Hardbox set with unique artwork & booklet featuring the original press kit. 1500 copies only.


Leap (2020) – Imprint Collection #226

Based on a true story, “Leap” is a sports-themed movie chronicling the development of China’s ladies’ volleyball team, from its humble beginnings in the 1980s to its current status as one of the powerhouses in the international women’s game today. The film tells the journey of several generations of Chinese National Women’s Volleyball Team and their touching stories of tenacious struggle and glory for the country over the past 40 years.

Recipient of 8 nominations for various categories of the 2020 Golden Rooster Awards, of which it won 3, namely for best picture, writing, and cinematographer.

Directed by famed Hong Kong Director Peter Chan (Dragon) and led by powerhouse performances from Gong Li (Raise The Red Lantern), Huang Bo (The Conformist) and Wu Gang (Iron Man).

Starring Gong Li, Huang Bo, Wu Gang, and Peng YuChang.


Malèna (2000) – Imprint Collection #227

Malèna (Monica Bellucci) tells the story of the most beautiful woman in an Italian village, who becomes the subject of malicious gossip among the lustful townsmen and their jealous wives. But only her most ardent admirer will learn the untold true story of the mysterious and elusive Malèna, who inspires new heights of compassion, courage, and independence.

From Giuseppe Tornatore, director of Cinema Paradiso & The Legend of 1900.

Nominated for two Oscars (Best Cinematography and Best Music).

Starring Monica Bellucci, Giuseppe Sulfaro, and Luciano Federico.


Not One Less (1999) – Imprint Collection #228

In the crushing poverty of rural China, a young woman is ordered to a remote village to be their substitute teacher. Barely older than her students, the shy girl is charged with keeping the class intact for one month or she won’t be paid. Faced with overwhelming family debt, her biggest little troublemaker disappears into the city to find work. The stubborn teacher, however, is determined to follow the boy and bring him back to school. Once in the city, her simple peasant pleas fall on deaf ears, and only when the local television station sympathizes does her search bear fruit.

Directed by Zhang Yimou, Note One Less was adapted from Shi Xiangsheng’s 1997 story “A Sun in the Sky” and went on to win the Venice Film Festival’s Golden Lion Award for Best Picture and Best Director from China’s prestigious Golden Rooster Awards.

Starring Wei Minzhi, Huike Zhang, and Zhenda Tian.


My Summer of Love (2004) – Imprint Collection #229

Kindred spirits from different worlds become entangled together one volatile summer in this passionate, psychological thriller. Local girl Mona (Natalie Press) is naive, reckless and filled with yearning for something more in life. Tamsin (Emily Blunt) is spoiled and bored and trying to escape the confines of her prep-school existence when she draws Mona into her fantasy world. But what started as a magical friendship soon becomes laced with deception and danger.

My Summer of Love was met with critical acclaim on its release in 2004 and was nominated for 5 BFI awards and won the BAFTA for Best film in 2005.

Starring Natalie Press, Emily Blunt, and Paddy Considine.

Worldwide debut on Blu-ray.


Damage (1992) – Imprint Collection # 230

Academy Award -winners Jeremy Irons (Reversal of Fortune) and Juliette Binoche (The English Patient) are lovers locked in the grip of sexual obsession. An obsession so strong it drinks passion, breathes fire, and consumes everything and everyone it touches. Academy Award-nominated Director Louis Malle (Atlantic City) peels back the layers of one family’s tragedy to reveal a middle-aged man (Irons) and his son’s fiancee (Binoche) entangled in an intensely erotic affair that is as irresistible as it is destructive.

Electrifying performances by Irons, Binoche, and Academy Award-nominee Miranda Richardson as Irons’ tortured wife, highlight this riveting portrait of an ordinary man, transformed by desire and willing to pay any price for his passion.

Starring Jeremy Irons, Juliette Binoche, Miranda Richardson, Rupert Graves, and Ian Bannen.