Imprint Bundle Pack – February 2022


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23rd February, 2022

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Every Imprint title for February at one low price!

Jerry Lewis At Columbia (Imprint Collection #102 & #103)

Collector’s Edition 2-disc set presents two Jerry Lewis comedies from his tenure at Columbia Pictures.

Book-keeper Gerald Clampson has a passion for fishing. On the beach he hooks and reels in a frogman who has hidden smuggled diamonds. Gerald’s efforts to locate the hidden treasure alert the gang from which they were stolen, leading to a maze of bewildering intrigue.

Family man Peter Ingersoll is living a humdrum existence when his doctor friend breaks the news, he has a terminal illness. Making the most of what time remains, Peter racks up insurmountable debt, only to be told he’s not dying after all.


The Odd Couple Collection (Imprint Collection #104 & #105)

A 3-disc celebration of Neil Simon’s legendary play ‘ The Odd Couple’.

In the original 1968 film starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Mathau, two divorced men decide to share an apartment. Felix Ungar is fussy and fastidious. Oscar Maddision is slovenly and sloppy. Sure, they can live together… but can they live together without killing each other?

In the 1998 reunion film, its twenty years later, and having gone their separate ways, the two are now together again en route to the wedding of their children. Theyve got the map, the rental car… and a tankful of arguments.

In the 1970s television series, can two divorced men share an apartment without driving each other crazy? Ten episodes covering all five seasons explore this retorical quesiton. Tony Randall and Jack Klugman make the characters their own in the award-winning television version.


The Return of The Pink Panther (Imprint Collection #106)

After he lets a robbery transpire right under his nose, the ever-bumbling Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers) is suspended by Chief Inspector Dreyfus (Herbert Lom). But, when the famed Pink Panther diamond is stolen from the National Museum in Lugash, the Shah requests Clouseau’s assistance, and he’s reinstated. Clouseau quickly concludes that the thief must be the infamous Phantom, against whom he has a grudge, but the inspector’s instincts are, as usual, wrong.


The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training (Imprint Collection #107)

The Bad News Bears In Breaking Training is the comic and poignant second-in-the-series of adventures with the pint-sized sandlot ballplayers initiated with the smash success, The Bad News Bears. The picture picks up the Bears’ career a year after their infamous second-place finish in the North Valley League. Faced with a chance to play the Houston Toros for a shot at the Japanese champs, they devise a way to get Texas to play at the famed Astrodome. On their pilgrimage to Houston, the Bears gain a new coach; dump that coach; add a new pitcher who can’t get his fastball over the plate; find another coach who shows him how it’s done, and go on to a come-back victory with all eyes on Japan.


The Out Of Towners (1970) (Imprint Collection #108)

George (Jack Lemmon) has been offered a promotion that would relocate him to New York City. He flies in with his wife, Gwen (Sandy Dennis), to the city for the job interview. After their flight is redirected to Boston due to heavy fog, the couple meets with disaster. Their luggage is missing, leaving them without money, and the entire city seems to be striking. George and Gwen struggle to survive the night before George’s interview, questioning whether they want to move from their small town.