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28 December 2022

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The Killer Elite (1975) – Imprint Collection #192

Friends George Hansen (Robert Duvall) and Mike Locken (James Caan) are hit men who do contract jobs for a company called Com-Teg, associated with the CIA. But, when George gets a better offer from the competition, he turns on Mike. This tense, action-packed thriller explores savagery and betrayal in the murky world of killers-for-hire.

Renegade director Sam Peckinpah’s The Killer Elite (1975) offers a gorgeously San Francisco-based excursion into the dark world of contract assassins, the CIA, martial arts, and honor among hit men. Shot by Philip Lathrop, co-edited by Monte Hellman, and with music by composer Jerry Fielding.

Starring James Caan, Robert Duvall, Arthur Hill, Bo Hopkins, Gig Young & Arthur Hill.

Limited Edition 2 Disc Hardbox edition. 1500 copies only.


The Eagle Has Landed (1976) – Imprint Collection #193

During World War II, Nazi officer Max Radl (Robert Duvall) devises a plan to kidnap or kill the British prime minister. Approved by German Cmdr. Heinrich Himmler (Donald Pleasence), the scheme moves forward with Col. Kurt Steiner (Michael Caine) leading the mission, aided by Liam Devlin (Donald Sutherland), an Irishman with a deep hatred of England. As the plan unfolds, it seems to be going well — until certain events threaten the group’s shot at success.

Michael Caine, Donald Sutherland and Robert Duvall lead a star-studded cast in this World War II classic based on Jack Higgins’ best-selling novel. Directed by John Sturges (The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape)

Starring Michael Caine, Donald Sutherland, Robert Duvall, Donald Pleasence & Jenny Agutter.

Limited Edition 2 Disc Hardbox edition. 1500 copies only.


Burn! (Queimada!) (1969) – Imprint Collection #194

A Caribbean Island in the mid-1800’s. Nature has made it a paradise; man has made it a hell. Slaves on vast Portuguese sugar plantations are ready to turn their misery into rebellion – and the British are ready to provide the spark. They send agent William Walker (Marlon Brando) on a devious three-part mission: trick the slaves into revolt, grab the sugar trade for England…then return the slaves to servitude.

Gillo Pontecorvo, the acclaimed director of The Battle of Algiers, explores colonialism and insurrection in the searing epic Burn! Marlon Brando delivers a complex, intelligent portrayal of a man who is both gentleman and scoundrel, revolutionary and colonialist and always considered his performance in Burn! as one of his finest. Ennio Morricone’s (The Untouchables, The Mission) haunting music memorably underscores the almost overwhelmingly powerful story.

Starring Marlon Brando, Evaristo Márquez, Renato Salvatori & Dana Ghia.

Limited Edition 2 Disc Hardbox edition. 1500 copies only.


Fear Is the Key (1972) – Imprint Collection #195

Following the death of his family in an aeroplane crash, underwater salvage expert John Talbot (Barry Newman) hatches an elaborate scheme to bring those responsible to justice. After staging the phony murder of a police officer, he kidnaps Sarah Ruthven (Suzy Kendall), the heiress to a petroleum fortune. His exploits attract the attention of the criminal mastermind behind his family’s demise, who hires him to recover the valuables aboard a recently crash-landed plane.

This tightly plotted thriller, based on Alistair MacLean’s bestselling novel, contains one of cinema’s lengthiest car chases, clocking in at a full 20 minutes.

Starring Barry Newman, Suzy Kendall, John Vernon, Ben Kingsley & Ray McAnally.

1500 copies only.


Pork Chop Hill (1959) – Imprint Collection #196

Lt. Joe Clemons (Gregory Peck) has been given the order: take Pork Chop Hill. If it’s taken by the Chinese, US negotiators at the Panmunjom peace conference would lose face with their communist adversaries an unthinkable outcome. And so, Clemons leads his troops into combat, to fight for an objective that they know to be strategically pointless. But they also know that an order is an order and they must take Pork Chop Hill or die trying so that millions can live in freedom tomorrow for what Clemons and his men will sacrifice today.

Based on a true story and featuring an all-star supporting cast, Pork Chop Hill is an exceptional film.

Starring Gregory Peck, Harry Guardino, Rip Torn & George Peppard.

1500 copies only.


A Rage to Live (1965) – Imprint Collection #197

Grace Caldwell, a young Pennsylvania newspaper heiress living with her widowed mother, has trouble restraining herself when it comes to the amorous attentions of young men. As word starts to spread about her behaviour, Grace becomes a major source of heartache for her family. After many love affairs, the promiscuous young social leader tries settling down to a normal married life.

Starring Suzanne Pleshette, Bradford Dillman, Ben Gazzara & Peter Graves.

1500 copies only.