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30 September 2022

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On The Beach (1959) – Imprint Collection #147

The war is over. Nobody won. Only the inhabitants of Australia and the men of the US submarine Sawfish have escaped the nuclear destruction and radiation. Captain Dwight Towers (Gregory Peck) takes the Sawfish on a mission to see if an approaching radiation cloud has weakened, but returns with grim news: the cloud is lethal. With the days and hours dwindling, each person confronts the grim situation in his or her own way.

The final chapter of human history is coming to a close…

From acclaimed director Stanley Kramer (The Defiant Ones, Inherit the Wind) and screenwriter John Paxton comes this spectacular movie landmark film masterpiece with a message that will resonate as long as the world has the power to self-destruct at its own fingertips.

Starring Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Fred Astaire, Anthony Perkins & Donna Anderson.

Limited 2 Disc Hardbox edition with unique artwork, photo booklet & featuring Lawrence Johnston’s feature documentary Fallout. 1000 copies only.


Essential Film Noir: Collection 3  – Imprint Collection #148 -#151

Essential Film Noir Collection 3 includes four more acclaimed and much sought after classics including The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946), No Man Of Her Own (1950), The Turning Point (1952) & The Desperate Hours (1955).

Limited 4 Disc Hardbox edition with unique artwork on the first 1000 copies.

The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946) – Imprint Collection #148

In 1928, young heiress Martha Ivers fails to run off with friend Sam Masterson, and is involved in fatal events. Years later, Sam returns to find Martha the power behind Iverstown and married to “good boy” Walter O’Neil, now district attorney. At first, Sam is more interested in displaced blonde Toni Marachek than in his boyhood friends; but they draw him into a convoluted web of plotting and cross-purposes.

This Film Noir classic is superbly directed by Lewis Milestone with an outstanding performance by Kirk Douglas in his film debut.

No Man Of Her Own (1950) – Imprint Collection #149

A woman is torn between a comfortable lie and the painful truth in this classic Film Noir. Screen legend Barbara Stanwyck assumes another woman’s identity after surviving a train accident in this haunting drama based on a Cornell Woolrich (under the pseudonym, William Irish) novel, I Married a Dead Man. Eventually her past catches up to her when her crooked ex-lover (Lyle Bettger) arrives in town, demanding money to keep her true identity a secret.

Beautifully photographed by legendary cinematography by Daniel L. Fapp (The Big Clock). Directed by Mitchell Leisen (Midnight).

Premiere Blu-ray release worldwide.

The Turning Point (1952) – Imprint Collection #150

Prosecutor John Conroy (Edmond O’Brien) is determined to bring down organized crime in his Midwestern town. He looks to his father, Matt (Tom Tully), a police officer, for help, but Matt refuses. John’s childhood friend Jerry McKibbon (William Holden), an investigative reporter, senses something fishy.

Premiere Blu-ray release worldwide.

The Desperate Hours (1955) – Imprint Collection #151

Director William Wyler’s suspense classic marks the only time cinema giants Humphrey Bogart and Fredric March worked together. And the result is everything you’d expect: taut, terrifying and terrific. Bogart plays an escaped con who has nothing to lose. March is a suburban Everyman who has everything to lose, as his family is held hostage by Bogart. As the desperate hours tick by, the two men square off in a battle of wills and cunning that tightens into an unforgettable, fear-drenched finale.

Premiere Blu-ray release worldwide.


Scarlet Hour (1956) – Imprint Collection #152

An unhappy wife uses her powers of manipulation to draw an infatuated man into an ill-fated jewellery heist.

In 1956 Paramount studios expended a great deal of money on the The Scarlet Hour and enlisted the services of top-flight director Michael Curtiz. The result is an outstanding and rarely seen Film Noir.

Starring Carol Ohmart, Tom Tryon & Jody Lawrance.

First Physical Media release worldwide.

I Am the Law (1938) – Imprint Collection #153

Law professor Robinson is named special prosecutor, assigned to put an end to gangster activity in the city. Civic leader Beal, who got Robinson his job, is involved in the rackets and wants to control Robinson’s investigation. Everyone Robinson’s office persuades to testify turns up dead.

First Blu-ray release worldwide.

Starring Edward G. Robinson, Barbara O’Neil & John Beal.

Secret of the Incas (1954) – Imprint Collection #154

Charlton Heston stars as Harry Steele, an American treasure hunter moonlighting as a tour guide in the jungles of Peru. He is on a quest to discover the Sunburst, an ancient Incan treasure that has the power to build and destroy civilizations.

Shot on location at Machu Picchu in Peru, the film is often credited as the inspiration for Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Starring Charlton Heston, Robert Young & Nicole Maurey.

Storm Centre (1955) – Imprint Collection #155

Directed and co-scripted by Daniel Taradash (From Here To Eternity), this reflection on the rights and responsibilities of citizens was a timely response to Anti-Communist sentiment in the 1950’s. A small town librarian (Bette Davis) stands up to local pressure to remove a controversial book from the shelves – on principal, not out of sympathy for its perspective. Also co-stars Brian Keith (Tight Spot, and TV’s A Family Affair) and Kim Hunter (A Streetcar Named Desire).

Starring Bette Davis, Paul Kelly & Kim Hunter.

Golden Boy (1939) – Imprint Collection #156

Newcomer William Holden became an overnight sensation in the role of a young violinist who turns to boxing and finds himself torn between his two occupations – especially when seductive Stanwyck slinks into his life.

Based on the hit play by legendary Clifford Odets and directed by innovative genius Rouben Mamoulian.

Golden Boy packs just as big a punch today as it did when it came out in 1939, widely considered the greatest movie year ever.

Starring William Holden, Barbara Stanwyck, Adolphe Menjou & Lee J. Cobb.

The World of Suzi Wong (1960) – Imprint Collection #157

William Holden and Nancy Kwan star in this soul-searching look at an East-meets-West romance. He’s a struggling American artist who’s down on his luck. She’s a beautiful Chinese prostitute who captures his heart. The scenery is as spectacular as the colorful and exotic streets of Hong Kong in this wonderfully warm story about the strength of true love.

Nancy Kwan was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama. George Duning was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score.

Starring William Holden, Nancy Kwan & Sylvia Syms.

A Wildly romantic, vividly imagined film” – New York Times

Limited 2 Disc Hard box edition with unique artwork on the first 1000 copies.