Chance at Romance


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6th June 2018

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Photographer Heath catches Sam’s eye but when they are set up by his son does true love blossom?

While walking off the misery from her latest bad date, Sam wanders into a gallery. Instantly, photographer Heath Madsen, whose work is on display, catches her eye.

On her return home, Sam takes the initiative and contacts Heath through his website. She is delighted when he responds, proving the electricity she felt was not merely her imagination. After exchanging several emails, Sam accepts Heath’s offer to visit him.

But she arrives to a shocking discovery – the entire time, she had been communicating with Heath’s son Donny! Worse still, not only did Heath not know Sam was coming; he does not remember her at all!

Sam wants to run away immediately, but severe flooding stops her in her tracks. Heath kindly opens his home to Sam until the weather settles down – still oblivious to the effective matchmaking scheme hatched by Donny and his housekeeper May.